Growing your eCommerce experience using WhatsApp

Future-proofing your customer service begins with facilitating mobile offerings - it’s the SMART age after all. This is a key reason why Global companies are adopting the WhatsApp Business solution. ‍To attain a new level of eCommerce reach by adjusting to customer expectations.‍

‍The advent of eCommerce has transformed the retail landscape, providing unparalleled convenience and an abundance of choices to consumers. However, as the digital market becomes increasingly competitive, brands must differentiate themselves, foster personal connections, and deliver instant service. 

This is where messaging apps, particularly eCommerce through WhatsApp and the need of Growing your eCommerce experience using WhatsApp becomes an important topic to discuss.

Despite initial skepticism from marketers regarding WhatsApp's suitability for eCommerce, the launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018 transformed the landscape. With dedicated tools tailored for businesses of all sizes, WhatsApp Business API offers a range of functionalities to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations.

How to Use WhatsApp for Ecommerce: 21 Use Cases & Examples

What is WhatsApp ecommerce?

WhatsApp for your e-commerce business tries to automate end-to-end customer journey so you can start engaging with customers 10x quicker, 100x cheaper, and 1000x better - Through WhatsApp Services for WhatsApp Strategy & WhatsApp Automation.

Basically, WhatsApp is a Direct-to-Consumer channel - Meaning, brands using the solution do not need to pay a commission to any intermediaries, which is usually the case with most sales channels. Making SMS Marketing the past and WhatsApp Marketing the future.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp business for ecommerce is a huge step toward a Mobile-­centric retail experience  

‍‘Mobile’ inevitably plays a part in every single customer journey.

Future-proofing your customer service begins with facilitating mobile offerings - it’s the SMART age after all. This is a key reason why Global companies are adopting the WhatsApp Business solution

It’s to attain a new level of eCommerce through WhatsApp by reaching customer expectations.

‍Smartphones and other mobile devices are a key platform for digital services, publishing  & communications - the significance of which the retail and commerce domain have come to understand; very much so in the past years. 

Mobile loyalty is on the rise 

They are already the dominant channel for many business sectors and are steadily growing. 

Mobile-­enabled  loyalty programs provide great levels of interactivity & engagement which are targeted for customer acquisition & retention. Aspects such as location-­enabled services provide real-time customer services that phenomenally enhance the post-purchase experience. 

Further enhanced by social and gamification elements,  furthermore, eCommerce on WhatsApp fosters a sense of community.  Along with it comes the convenience of being able to ‘reach’ at cost.

Adopting a Mobile-first approach to advertising     

Bulk SMS Marketing in India has always been high due to the popularity of mobile phones, but with WhatsApp overtaking SMS - the approach has shifted.

Mobile forms of advertising will be the dominant channel for customer-centric brands - As Mobile advertising sees a higher Return on Investment (ROI) - being the fastest-­growing Internet advertising category which has seen a 35% increase in adoption in 2021 compared to 2020.

Curated shopping and Predictive models   

Leveraging multiple data points is a huge advantage, as they provide the ability to provide a contextual view to witness what drives consumers  - making WhatsApp a convenient tool in the evolution of predictive analytics,  offering businesses the ideal model that will help determine consumers’ future actions with precision.

Overall - WhatsApp establishes Hyperconnectivity on a larger scale, and with ease - Creating new dynamics in eCommerce communication and growth.

How does WhatsApp ecommerce work?

 How to do WhatsApp marketing?

  • Use WhatsApp for advertising & sales - WhatsApp ads
  • Use WhatsApp to collect feedback - Bulk WhatsApp Services
  • Use WhatsApp to offer customer support - WhatsApp Customer Care
  • Use WhatsApp and automate consumer experience - WhatsApp Automation
  • Use WhatsApp to get one step closer to going Omnichannel - WhatsApp Strategy

Why the WhatsApp approach?

  • Smartphone usage globally is at an all-time high - Bulk WhatsApp Marketing ↑
  • Customers demand mobile experiences - WhatsApp Community ↑
  • Companies invest in digital - Digital marketing WhatsApp group ↑
  • Multi-channel communication across multiple organisations, departments, and different geographies is made easier - Versatility in WhatsApp ↑

WhatsApp Business API enables a brand to reach users on WhatsApp through verified business accounts.

Where WhatsApp Marketing Services acts as a channel medium for -

1. High-value transaction notifications

2. Customer support

3. Promotional content

WhatsApp Business API enables brands to deliver high volumes of notifications as opposed to the WhatsApp for Business App.

Offering bulk WhatsApp Marketing through - 

  • Formatted text messages
  • Media messages (audio, video, document, image, stickers)
  • Other Message Types (contact and location)
  • Group messages
  • Media message templates
  • WhatsApp allows brands to register and use message templates – also known as Highly Structured Messages. Templates for common reusable transactional messages which are sent from organizations to their customers.
  • Messages can be sent in a pre-defined language or localized to the user's device language settings.

And the best of all - is WhatsApp Automation. To enhance the consumer experience, reduce costs, and ultimately improve operational efficiency.

Some of the Bulk WhatsApp Marketing messages you can automate:

  • Cart abandonment & recovery messages - encouraging customers to revisit their cart and to follow through on purchases. 
  • Order confirmation messages - updating customers who have placed an order with you. 
  • Order fulfillment messages - updating customers once an order is fulfilled. 
  • Follow-up messages - to keep customers in the loop, and in real-time.
  • Return and exchange request messages - sent out to communicate responses to those requests from a customer.\

Versatility in Generating Leads on WhatsApp also makes it a catch

  1. Website: A simple chat widget on your site(s) enables you to direct the traffic you receive directly to WhatsApp, establishing an instant connection between the consumer and your brand;
  2. Social Media: Posts on Facebook or Instagram featuring a link to your WhatsApp number will allow interested users to reach out. And to take it a step further brands can activate the WhatsApp button on their Facebook company page.
  3. Facebook Ads: The possibility to start a chat with your target audience through adverts is made real as you can now link WhatsApp Chat.
  4. E-mail: Adding your WhatsApp links within emails, newsletters, promotions, order confirmations, etc., enables brands to connect with customers better.

Benefits of WhatsApp for eCommerce Business

  1. Faster conversations: to answer even complex questions quickly and efficiently.
  2. 24/7 presence: to provide answers at any time, without human dependence.
  3. Lower costs: to reduce customer care staff/sales agents.
  4. Data gathering: to connect the chatbot to an analytics tool, to study user behaviour through interactions.
  5. Integration into apps: to connect WhatsApp communication to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  6. Automatic assignment: to manage complex conversations, which can be allocated to sales executives or others in an automated manner.
  7. Quick tag creation & replies: to make identification easier and to enable you to set up quick responses.
  8. Chat widget: to attract more traffic from websites and other platforms into WhatsApp. The widget could also collect data to monitor website visitors.
  9. Chat history backup: to download entire chats that took place with users, for special cases.

6 ways WhatsApp Business Platform strengthens e-commerce brands

List Messages

Which presents a choice of up to 10 different options for users to pick from in a menu view. This makes it easier for users to choose from a list such as past orders, discounts, queries, etc.

This list of buttons now makes the experience 3x faster.

Quick Reply Buttons

Users can now just select an option from a selection of reply buttons instead of having to type complete answers. This makes the entire conversation journey considerably quicker as they offer simple responses like Yes/No, Order Now/Order Later, etc.

Easy payment  in two clicks (Everyone’s  favorite!)

The adoption of cashless transactions is spreading like crazy. Customers can make direct payments from WhatsApp business for ecommerce while on the purchase journey. This way they don’t have to navigate between multiple apps. 

Recommendation Engine

AI integrations for this purpose can increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities by automatically suggesting products in line with your user interests/needs based on past behavior - automatically matching consumer requirements with your brand data to help convert passive shoppers to active buyers.

Easy Opt-In

WhatsApp demands a brand to get an opt-in from users before engaging, i.e. consent to converse. 

Businesses get this done through deep links, banners, contact forms, etc. It can also be achieved by redirecting IVR calls to WhatsApp. 

Post-Purchase Customer Experience

  • Delivery updates/tracking
  • Product recommendations
  • Sales and clearances
  • Loyalty programs‍

21 WhatsApp message templates for your e-commerce business

Here are some of the best performing abandoned cart WhatsApp Marketing Campaign examples, that’s been proven to work -

  1. Welcome Message Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Welcome to [Your E-commerce Store]. We're thrilled to have you on board. Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance or have questions about our products."

  1. Order Confirmation Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Your order #[Order Number] has been successfully placed. We'll notify you once your order is shipped. Thank you for shopping with us!"

  1. Shipping Confirmation Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Great news! Your order #[Order Number] has been shipped. You can track your package using the following link: [Tracking Link]. Happy shopping!"

  1. Delivery Update Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Your order #[Order Number] is out for delivery. Please ensure someone is available to receive it. Let us know if you need any assistance."

  1. Feedback Request Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! We hope you're enjoying your recent purchase. We'd love to hear your feedback! Please take a moment to share your thoughts and help us improve."

  1. Abandoned Cart Reminder Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Noticed you left items in your cart. Don't miss out! Complete your purchase now and enjoy [Discount/Offer]."

  1. New Product Announcement Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Exciting news! Check out our latest arrivals: [Product Name]. Shop now and be the first to own them!"

  1. Flash Sale Alert Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Limited time offer! Get [Discount/Offer] on selected items. Hurry, shop now before they're gone!"

  1. Exclusive Offer Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! As a valued customer, we're delighted to offer you an exclusive discount of [Discount Percentage/Offer]. Use code [Code] at checkout."

  1. Holiday Promotion Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Celebrate the season with savings! Enjoy [Discount/Offer] on all purchases until [End Date]. Happy holidays!"

  1. Referral Program Invitation Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Love shopping with us? Share the joy with your friends and family! Refer them to us and get [Reward/Offer] for each successful referral."

  1. Product Review Request Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! How was your recent purchase? We'd love to hear your honest review. Your feedback helps us serve you better!"

  1. Restock Alert Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Good news! [Product Name] is back in stock. Don't miss your chance to grab it before it's gone again!"

  1. Birthday Discount Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Happy Birthday! As our gift to you, enjoy [Discount/Offer] on your next purchase. Simply use code [Code] at checkout."

  1. VIP Customer Appreciation Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! You're one of our VIP customers, and we appreciate your loyalty! Enjoy [Exclusive Offer/Discount] as a token of our gratitude."

  1. Order Follow-Up Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! We hope you're satisfied with your recent purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!"

  1. Seasonal Greetings Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Wishing you a joyful [Holiday/Season] filled with love and laughter. Thank you for being part of our e-commerce family!"

  1. Customer Support Contact Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Need assistance? Our customer support team is here to help! Contact us at [Phone Number/Email] for prompt assistance."

  1. Product Comparison Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Considering your options? Here's a comparison of [Product A] and [Product B] to help you make an informed decision."

  1. Subscription Renewal Reminder Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Your subscription is about to expire. Renew now to continue enjoying exclusive benefits and discounts."

21. Back-in-Stock Alert Template:

"Hi [Customer Name]! Your favorite [Product Name] is back in stock! Order now before it sells out again."

To Wrap it up

Navigating the path to e-commerce success poses its challenges, yet armed with the appropriate tools and tactics, triumph is within reach. By harnessing WhatsApp through Pragma’s comprehensive solutions, we’ll ensure it not just keeping pace but leading the charge.

Thus, in the swiftly evolving e-commerce arena, adopting tools such as WhatsApp transcends mere choice; it's an imperative. With its personalized touch, swift communication, and automated capabilities, WhatsApp Business API emerges as the transformative force you've been seeking.

That’s pretty much all of it!

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