How To Generate Leads Using WhatsApp Business Account?

WhatsApp Business can be a potent tool for lead generation, turning chats into potential sales. This post guides on leveraging it for optimal business growth.

In a world of paid ads running all over the internet, it becomes tough for smaller businesses to compete with the well-established ones.

‍As the wise one said, “Today it’s not about getting the traffic — it’s about getting the relevant traffic”, it has become more and more important in today's digital era.

‍With businesses relying on simple tools like paid ads, or an external agency, it’s time we look for another way, or let’s say How To Generate Leads Using WhatsApp Business Account? - Proven Ways of Getting Better Leads.

Today we bring to you the most widely used conversational platform - WhatsApp, which accounts for over 2 Billion users for generating better leads for your brand.

‍Let’s get into the length and breadth of how a WhatsApp Business Account helps your brand understand more on how to generate leads on WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp Business for Lead Generation: 5 Easy Ways

What is WhatsApp lead generation? 

WhatsApp lead generation refers to getting consumers interested towards your company’s products or services.

‍WhatsApp lead generation generally involves utilising a WhatsApp Business profile to generate new customer connections - people are interested in using your product or service. 

Businesses can generate such new leads either using the WhatsApp Business App or the  WhatsApp API.

whatsapp lead generation

Simply put - Supposedly you are not able to identify your potential customers, WhatsApp will help you to generate leads and you can work on turning them into paying clients/customers.

‍While such an approach might seem to be unorthodox or not so efficient to some brands, it offers various advantages worth considering. 

Let’s understand them below.

How can brands use WhatsApp for lead generation?

With emails ending up in spam folders, all the effort you took to build that campaign goes to waste. This even increases the time to build relationships with customers costing time, money and energy for businesses.

But with WhatsApp as a communication channel, with 98% open rates, it’s definitely a better method than email where industry average open rates stand at 15-20%.

With this, let’s understand these below:

Get Traffic from Facebook and Instagram

With WhatsApp being under the Meta family, businesses can connect their Facebook and Instagram pages to WhatsApp - This enables them to direct traffic from other social media platforms to WhatsApp.

Billions of Customers to Target

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide, which provides businesses with access to a vast and diverse customer base to market their products. This extensive reach can help brands in reaching potential customers across demographics and regions.

Effective Lead Capturing

WhatsApp offers various tools and features for capturing leads efficiently. Businesses can use tools like Pragma’s chatbots, and contact forms to engage with potential customers and collect their information effectively. This ensures that leads are captured accurately and promptly.

‍These tools will capture leads with information like name and phone number, products they viewed, buying history, etc. for brands to build the best strategies for selling to users.

Flexible Conversations

WhatsApp allows for real-time, and two-way communication with potential customers. 

‍This flexibility enables businesses to have personalised yet interactive conversations, address specific customer inquiries, provide product information, and build relationships.

Such a personal touch can enhance lead nurturing and conversion.

Faster Leads Conversion

With instant messaging on WhatsApp, businesses can engage with leads promptly. 

Quick responses to queries and proactive follow-ups can help in the lead conversion process. Additionally, WhatsApp allows sharing of multimedia content, such as product images or videos that can help showcase product offerings and encourage faster decision-making by potential customers.

whatsapp lead generation

5 Tips to Generate Leads with WhatsApp for Business

With those being the benefits and details about Lead Generation through WhatsApp, let us now help you with some basic and important tips that can help you generate better quality and quantity leads.


Utilising the WhatsApp Business feature known as "Click-to-Chat," which offers a link that directs users to a WhatsApp chat window with your business. 

‍Many industries, including in the D2C segment like food and beverage, automobile dealerships, medical equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, etc. use this link to connect better potential leads. 

whatsapp lead generation

You can obtain this link simply from your WhatsApp Business settings under the Business Tool menu.

QR Code Scanning for Chat

Beyond the short link, WhatsApp also offers a QR code that can be shared as an image via WhatsApp or email, or incorporated into print materials. 

This QR code allows customers to scan and initiate a WhatsApp conversation with your business. This is a useful tool as research indicates that customers prefer messaging on WhatsApp to connect with businesses rather than making phone calls. 

whatsapp lead generation

To access this QR code, go to the "View QR Code" section within the Short Link screen, and it can be integrated into brochures, pamphlets, or newspaper advertisements.

WhatsApp Lead Management

It's crucial to recognise that leads generated through WhatsApp are highly valuable, as these individuals have displayed trust in your business by initiating communication through their mediums. 

WhatsApp Business offers basic lead management with customisable labels. 

However, for businesses in specific sectors, implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is recommended. A CRM can efficiently capture new inquiries from WhatsApp and integrate them into your sales process.

Pragma's CRM integration efficiently manages instant inquiries about orders, payments, and FAQs. It also proves highly effective in real-time optimised marketing with customers.

‍Meaning, that brands have access to a real-time dashboard that gives access to individual customer data, campaign success rates etc. based on consumer segments, locations, and more.

whatsapp lead generation

Pragma Omnichannel CRM integration

Prompt Responses:

Timely responses to customer inquiries on WhatsApp are important. 

‍Customers appreciate businesses that engage promptly and efficiently. Set clear response time goals to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and to increase the likelihood of lead conversion.

Automated Responses:

Consider implementing automated responses and chatbots on WhatsApp. These tools can handle routine queries, provide instant information, and even schedule appointments, allowing your business to engage with leads 24/7 and enhance the overall customer experience.

‍A WhatsApp Chatbot gets seamlessly integrated into your Whatsapp Business account via a platform like Pragma. With Pragma, you can create unlimited chatbots across WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram for all possible scenarios like order status, payment issues, returns etc.

whatsapp lead generation

How to get WhatsApp Business leads?

Let’s now understand a few strategies that businesses have used on WhatsApp to generate leads.

Getting WhatsApp Business Leads from Your Website

The most simple way to encourage more individuals to initiate conversations with your business is to ensure that they can effortlessly start chatting with you while exploring your website. 

Visitors come to your online store with various intentions, such as:

  1. Making purchases
  2. Seeking information - Blogs
  3. Queries on Product/Payment
  4. Some may simply be browsing. 

Regardless of their purpose, you have a valuable opportunity to connect with them. 

The optimal way to engage with your customers is by adding a WhatsApp Business chat button to your website.

By clicking this button, customers can easily contact your team, who can then provide them with the solutions they seek. Initiating a conversation on WhatsApp also grants you immediate access to the customer's phone number, facilitating further communication.

Lead generation through WhatsApp or other social networks like Facebook

Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, offer excellent avenues for acquiring new leads.

When posting content on these platforms, ensure you include a WhatsApp chat button alongside information about your company and its products.

This empowers customers to initiate conversations with your team, guiding them toward potential sales opportunities.

whatsapp lead generation

Creating New Leads through Paid Advertising

The third approach revolves around crafting paid advertisements that feature a great CTA that prompts users to initiate a chat. 

Redirecting prospective customers from a paid advertisement to a WhatsApp chat can incentivise them to progress through the sales funnel and get closer to making a conversion.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Lead Generation

We hope by now you will have realised the importance of lead generation through WhatsApp as a channel.

Now, we want to talk about some of the practices that the team at Pragma has used to simplify the lead-generation process for our products. 

‍Remember these can be specific to a product, but if tweaked in the correct form, these can work well for your business too.

Utilise Labels for Lead Segmentation

Employing labels to categorise incoming leads when a new contact reaches out. 

By using labels, businesses can organise leads into distinct groups based on:

  1. Geographical location
  2. The product they are interested in
  3. Priority
  4. Language
  5. The channel they came from, etc.

This facilitates targeted communication with contacts through promotional broadcast messages, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of lead-generation efforts.

Set Expectations with Automated Responses

Businesses can proactively manage customer expectations by sending automated welcome messages to new customers and away messages for leads who reach out outside of regular business hours. ‍

This helps align WhatsApp users' expectations with the business's response times, ensuring a smoother interaction.

Enhance Response Efficiency with Quick Replies

To streamline responses and reduce the repetitive nature of answering common questions, businesses can utilise the quick reply feature. 

‍This feature allows them to create predefined responses for frequently asked questions, enabling sales representatives to respond promptly and efficiently.‍

How can Pragma help you manage leads from WhatsApp?

It's interesting to note that all the features we talked about in the above sections can be easily managed by a WhatsApp Chatbot - interacting with customers, segmenting leads, automating messages, providing analytical insights on users, etc.

With your requirements to Generate Leads via WhatsApp, Pragma’s Chatbot can:

  1. Automate over 75% of Support
  2. 3X Customer Experience
  3. Boost Support Team's Productivity by 2x
  4. Focused Buying Experience
  5. Improve Conversions

With WhatsApp chatbots being a game-changer product for businesses, platforms like Pragma have made it even easier to help you create your chatbot.

‍Whether you are a D2C brand, an e-commerce business, or a service provider, integrating a WhatsApp chatbot into your strategy can significantly benefit your operations and customer satisfaction.

‍How about we help your sales team to hit the targets for this quarter?

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