TOP 5 LimeChat Alternatives

WhatsApp Services similar to LimeChat

If you're aiming to boost repeat purchases and cultivate a subscriber base that can become enthusiastic advocates for your product, LimeChat isn't the solution for you. Why? Simply put, they currently lack many functionalities.

Which is why we are here to exemplify the alternatives to what’s considered the best WhatsApp Service out there…i.e. the TOP 5 LimeChat Alternatives. Showcasing the WhatsApp Services similar to LimeChat.

This enables you to assess and select the best tool according to your specific requirements.

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‍Top 5 LimeChat Alternatives

Competitor Analysis of LimeChat

LimeChat Alternatives
LimeChat Alternatives

Top Limechat Alternatives

1. Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite

Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite

Pragma's WhatsApp Business Suite, also known as the WhatsApp Suite in general, stands out for its comprehensive array of features derived from a wide range of services, including our proprietary RTO algorithm, Return Management data, 1Checkout data, Omnichannel data, and Logistics data. These valuable resources are sourced from a diverse network of 450+ D2C brands operating in India, ensuring that your business benefits from a wealth of data and tools.

Key Pragmatic Features of the WhatsApp Business Suite:

1. CRM Integration

Our Omnichannel CRM system allows businesses to consolidate customer data and seamlessly manage WhatsApp interactions within their existing workflows, streamlining customer communication.

2. Smart Automation

a) Automated Address Verification & Updates

Empower your business with AI-driven address verification and update messages sent to WhatsApp customers automatically, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your interactions.

b) Automation via Chatbots

Pragma offers customised AI-enabled Chatbots to handle specific tasks, providing quick responses to frequently asked questions and improving customer engagement.

c) Automated Order Confirmation

Achieve faster and smoother order confirmations through WhatsApp-driven communication, reducing the risk of returns and cancellations.

d) Automated Purchase Recommendations

Leverage historical consumer data to cross-sell and upsell products, increasing your revenue potential.

3. Smooth COD to Prepaid Conversion

Enhance your business's cash flow by converting cash-on-delivery orders to prepaid ones, reducing non-delivery instances and RTO issues.

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery via WhatsApp Flows

Utilise automated WhatsApp messages to remind customers about incomplete purchases, increasing conversion rates by up to 5%.

5. Exclude High-RTO Audience from Facebook Campaigns

Optimise your ad campaigns using data from the Facebook conversion API, improving your conversion rates by excluding high-RTO custom audiences.

Maximise Revenue by Minimising RTO - Harness the insights and data from over 450 D2C brands in India.

6. Branded WhatsApp Tracking Notifications

Keep your customers informed with automated order tracking updates delivered through your verified WhatsApp business account.

7. Unified Inbox

Complement Pragma's WhatsApp Suite with a unified inbox, which consolidates customer messages from various channels, streamlining support and ensuring a consistent customer experience.

8. Seamless Human Handover

Transition smoothly from automated interactions to personalised human support with Pragma's seamless handover feature, providing a human touch when needed.

9. Data Intelligence - Analytics and Insights

Our platform offers comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities to track chatbot and campaign performance.

  1. Gain insights into user interactions, response accuracy, and user satisfaction, allowing you to optimise your conversational automation strategy.
  2. Capture and manage leads effectively with integration options like forms, pop-ups, and lead management features for nurturing potential leads.
  3. Segment and target your customers strategically.
  4. Analyse the ROI generated from marketing automation with detailed insights.

10. What if the buyer is not available on WhatsApp, you ask?

In the event that a customer is not accessible via WhatsApp, an IVR can be initiated, followed by the option for manual calling by our dedicated outbound calling team. Please note that this manual activation feature is available through the platform, providing flexibility and personalization for your customer interactions.

2. Shiprocket Engage

Shiprocket Engage

This advanced buyer communication tool, integrated with WhatsApp, is here to facilitate genuine, well-timed, and valuable connections for your business. Whether your goal is to boost conversions or provide top-notch customer support, this platform streamlines your operations and elevates your business at every stage.

What Sets Shiprocket Engage Apart:

  1. Turbocharge your conversion optimization efforts with personalised reminders, effectively reducing cart abandonment rates by up to 10%.
  2. Harness the power of data intelligence to identify potentially high-risk buyers, orders, and addresses with the assistance of our MLI engine, which has been trained on a vast dataset exceeding 1 billion data points.
  3. Drastically cut down on Return to Origin (RTO) instances by employing pre-configured notifications to verify orders, confirm addresses, and transform potentially problematic orders into prepaid ones.
  4. Elevate the customer experience by implementing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and delivering branded order tracking updates, demonstrating genuine appreciation and value to your customers.
  5. Provide seamless CRM (Customer Relationship Management) support by offering quick query resolutions and assistance through a shared WhatsApp team inbox.

3. Wati


WATI: Beyond a Tool - Elevating Business with WhatsApp

WATI offers more than just a business enhancement tool for WhatsApp. It tirelessly operates around the clock to enhance customer interactions and drive sales through the WhatsApp Business API platform. This simplifies marketing, sales, and service and support processes.

Unleash the Potential of WhatsApp Business API for Effective Prospect Engagement:

1. Overcoming Engagement Barriers

Surpass the limitations of engagement via email, SMS, in-app messaging, and campaigns by utilising WhatsApp.

  • A More Effective Expansion Strategy
    Scale your operations by accommodating multiple users on a single number, achieving a superior return on investment compared to other WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSPs).
  • Efficiently Expand Communication
    Initiate and manage conversations with thousands of customers and prospects effortlessly using automation, chatbots, and custom workflows.
  • Integration of Multiple Channels
    Cultivate leads from Facebook and Instagram, multiplying your return on investment by channelling these leads to WhatsApp.

2. Effective Broadcasting

Effectively deploy your campaigns and engage with high-response WhatsApp messages.

Organise your contacts with tagging, categorization, and targeting in customised communication groups.

Consistently engage with your audience on WhatsApp to foster relationships that lead to future sales.

3. Simplified Chatbots

Create chatbots without the need for coding to provide immediate responses to common queries.

Streamline mass communication and personalise responses using automated tools.

Increase sales by directly converting a higher volume of customer interactions on WhatsApp.

4. Collaborative Team Inbox

Collaborate across your team with the WATI inbox to deliver exceptional WhatsApp support.

Effortlessly integrate customer context with pre-built integrations in just a few clicks.

Facilitate post-sales communication, such as order updates, and address support requests via WhatsApp promptly.

4. BusinessOnBot


With a trusted base of more than 500 D2C brands, BusinessOnBot is positioned among the top 10 WhatsApp service providers, known for its innovative user acquisition strategy.

Key Aspects of BusinessOnBot:

  1. Seamless Integration: They offer comprehensive support and solutions across the board to cater to your needs.
  2. Omni-channel Support: Seamlessly connect, engage, and convert your audience! Tap into the power of robust omni-channel tools to realise your full potential for success and foster enduring connections across multiple platforms.
  3. Ad Integration: Easily integrate your ads with your WhatsApp shop for a seamless shopping experience. Enhance conversion rates and maximise ROI through precise targeting.
  4. Quick Checkout: Customers can now complete their purchases directly within WhatsApp, eliminating the need to exit the platform.
  5. Enhance campaign efficiency and boost conversions with Advanced User Segmentation tools, making your marketing efforts more precise and effective.
  6. Utilise Smart Automation to effortlessly customise your marketing campaigns to align with your customers' unique preferences and needs.
  7. Catalog Search: With a single click within your WhatsApp chat, showcase your entire catalog, making it easier for customers to browse and shop.

5. Trengo


Trengo: Enhancing Customer Communication Across Channels

Trengo is a collaborative customer communication platform designed to help businesses cultivate strong customer relationships across multiple channels.

In detail, Trengo enables meaningful conversations on the most appropriate channels at the right times, simplifying customer communication for brands by consolidating all preferred customer channels into a single, user-friendly solution.

Let's explore what Trengo brings to the table:

No Technical Expertise Required

The setup process is swift and straightforward, eliminating the need for engineering resources.

All-Inclusive Convenience

A comprehensive solution for all channels, eliminating the need for constant tab-switching.

Brand's Growth, Trengo's Expansion

Seamlessly scale support, marketing, and sales operations as your business expands while maintaining an exceptional customer experience.

Collaboration for Swift Responses

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing lightning-fast support. Collaborate with your team to craft more efficient responses in less time.

Effortlessly manage high-season queries and handle an influx of customer inquiries during peak seasons by simply @tagging colleagues and utilising collaborative features.

Automate and Liberate

Empower your team by automating repetitive tasks, reducing support costs, and increasing efficiency. Automatically direct messages to the appropriate agent and create no-code chatbots that can address frequently asked questions.

Reduce Response Time with Automated Conversation Routing and a No-Code Chatbot.

Comprehensive Reporting

Maintain constant awareness of customer satisfaction levels. Demonstrate to all stakeholders the roles played by the sales, marketing, and customer support teams in driving revenue, fostering repeat business, and ensuring customer happiness.

Spot Trends on the Dashboard, Adapt Quickly, and Reduce Response Time.

Craft a Platform Tailored to Your Needs

Integrate your communication channels with your webshop and data CRMs like Shopify, Lightspeed, and others to create a customised platform that perfectly suits your requirements.

If you’re interested in understanding the top alternatives to FreshChat, please check the detailed guide here.

To Wrap it Up

Having sifted through a roster of “Alternatives to LimeChat” designed with D2C brands in mind in India, the important questions arise:

  1. Which one fits snugly within your budget?
  2. Which offers the data you've been diligently seeking?
  3. Which provider goes above and beyond the basics you require?
  4. Which enjoys the trust of brands far and wide?
  5. Which was purpose-built with D2C brands in mind?
  6. Which one can be customised to the absolute maximum extent?

While we can't delve into the nitty-gritty details of the other options, we do invite you to arrange a demo with us at your earliest convenience!

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