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The D2C Ecommerce scene in India has experienced a significant metamorphosis in recent years, thanks to the advent of WhatsApp Business in 2018. A whopping 77% of D2C Ecommerce brands in the country have recognized the immense potential of WhatsApp, making it a pivotal part of their operations. Moreover, this surge in WhatsApp adoption has paved the way for substantial revenue growth, with D2C brands that actively utilise WhatsApp for sales and support experiencing an average increase of 34% in their annual revenue.

In parallel with this growth, a dynamic ecosystem of third-party service providers has emerged, with 86% of D2C brands utilising these specialised services to enhance their WhatsApp Business strategies. These providers, numbering more than 120 in India, report a significant 50% reduction in customer query resolution time, effectively optimising customer engagement. This harmonious integration of WhatsApp Business, D2C Ecommerce, and third-party service providers is not only contributing to enhanced customer experiences but has also led to a remarkable 68% increase in customer retention rates, further solidifying WhatsApp's role as a game-changer in the Indian D2C Ecommerce industry.

Which is why we are here to exemplify the alternatives to what’s considered the best WhatsApp Service out there…i.e. The TOP Alternatives to BusinessOnBot. Showcasing the WhatsApp Services similar to BusinessOnBot.

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BusinessOnBot and WhatsApp

BusinessOnBot and WhatsApp

Trusted by more than 500 D2C brands, BusinessOnBot ranks among the top 10 WhatsApp service providers, offering a distinct approach to acquiring new users.

Noteworthy Features of BusinessOnBot:

  1. Effortless Integration: They provide comprehensive support and solutions to meet your needs across the board.
  2. Omni-channel Support: Seamlessly connect, engage, and convert your audience! Utilise robust omni-channel tools to unlock your full potential for success and establish enduring connections across various platforms.
  3. Ad Integration: Seamlessly integrate your ads with your WhatsApp shop for a frictionless shopping experience. Supercharge your conversion rates and maximise ROI through precise targeting.
  4. Quick Checkout: Customers can now finalise their purchases within WhatsApp, without leaving the platform.
  5. Improve campaign efficiency and enhance conversions with Advanced User Segmentation tools, making your marketing efforts more precise and effective.
  6. Harness Smart Automation to tailor your marketing campaigns effortlessly to meet your customers' unique preferences and needs.
  7. Catalog Search: With a single click in your WhatsApp chat, showcase your entire catalog, simplifying the browsing and shopping process for customers.

Top BusinessOnBot Alternatives for D2C India

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Top BusinessOnBot Alternatives for D2C India

1. Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite

Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite
Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite

Pragma has aptly named its WhatsApp Service as the WhatsApp Business Suite, a moniker well-deserved due to its extensive repertoire of features. These encompass the RTO algorithm, Return Management data, 1Checkout data, Omnichannel data, Logistics data, and more, all sourced from a vast network of over 450 D2C brands operating in India.

Top Pragmatic Features of the WhatsApp Business Suite:

1. CRM Integration

Our Omnichannel CRM system empowers businesses to centralise customer data and effectively manage WhatsApp interactions within their existing workflows.

2. Smart Automation

a) Automated Address Verification & Updates

Leverage the power of AI to automatically verify and update addresses by sending messages to your WhatsApp customers.

b) Automation via Chatbots

Pragma integrates AI-enabled Chatbots tailored for specific actions, offering an unlimited number of customizable bots to handle frequently asked questions, provide instant responses, and streamline customer interactions.

c) Automated Order Confirmation

Facilitate faster and smoother order confirmations by opting for WhatsApp-driven buyer communication. This helps capture order cancellations before shipping and minimises RTO losses.

d) Automated Purchase Recommendations

Boost sales by cross-selling and upselling products using historical consumer data.

3. Smooth COD to Prepaid Conversion

Transform cash-on-delivery orders into prepaid ones by incentivizing your buyers with personalised WhatsApp offers. Prepaid orders reduce the chances of non-delivery and RTO issues, thus improving your business's cash flow.

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery via WhatsApp Flows

Remind customers about incomplete purchases and achieve an additional conversion rate of up to 5% using automated WhatsApp messages.

5. Exclude High-RTO Audience from Facebook Campaigns

Leverage delivery status events via the Facebook conversion API to optimise your ad campaigns. Enhance your conversion rates by excluding our readily available high-RTO custom audience.

Maximise Revenue by Minimising RTO - Utilise data from over 450 D2C brands in India.

6. Branded WhatsApp Tracking Notifications

Keep your customers informed with automated order tracking updates sent via your verified WhatsApp business account.

7. Unified Inbox

Pragma's WhatsApp Suite can be seamlessly integrated with a unified inbox that displays all customer messages from various channels, making it easier for support agents to respond promptly and maintain a consistent customer experience.

8. Seamless Human Handover

We support a smooth transition to human support when chatbots can't handle complex or sensitive queries. This ensures a personalised touch when needed, transitioning from automated interactions to live human support.

9. Data Intelligence - Analytics and Insights

Our platform offers analytics and reporting features to track and analyse chatbot and campaign performances.

a) Gain insights into user interactions, response accuracy, and user satisfaction to optimise your conversational automation strategy.

b) Capture and manage leads effectively by integrating forms, pop-ups, and other lead generation tools. The platform also provides lead management features to track and organise leads for further nurturing.

c) Segment and target your customers effectively.

d) Analyze ROI generated from marketing automation using detailed insights.

10. What if the buyer is not available on WhatsApp, you ask?

If a customer is not available on WhatsApp, an IVR will be initiated. Following the IVR, you have the option to initiate manual calling through our dedicated outbound calling team. Please note that this functionality requires manual activation through the platform.

2. Shiprocket Engage

Shiprocket Engage
Shiprocket Engage

Discover Shiprocket Engage: This innovative buyer communication tool, powered by WhatsApp, is designed to establish authentic, timely, and valuable connections for your business. Whether you want to boost conversion rates or provide top-notch customer support, this platform streamlines your processes and takes your business to new heights.

What Makes Shiprocket Engage Unique:

  1. Supercharge your conversion optimization efforts by sending personalised reminders, effectively reducing cart abandonment rates by up to 10%.
  2. Utilise the power of data intelligence to identify potentially high-risk buyers, orders, and addresses with the help of our MLI engine, which has been trained on a vast dataset of more than 1 billion data points.
  3. Drastically reduce Return to Origin (RTO) instances by employing pre-configured notifications to validate orders, confirm addresses, and transform potentially problematic orders into prepaid ones.
  4. Create an exceptional customer experience by implementing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and delivering branded order tracking updates, showing your customers that they are truly valued and appreciated.
  5. Provide seamless CRM (Customer Relationship Management) support by offering swift query resolutions and assistance through a shared WhatsApp team inbox.

3. Wati


WATI: Going Beyond a Simple Business Enhancement Tool for WhatsApp

WATI is more than just a tool; it's a continuous force working to elevate customer interactions and drive sales through the WhatsApp Business API platform. This streamlines marketing, sales, as well as service and support processes.

Unleash the Power of WhatsApp Business API for Effective Prospect Engagement:

1) Overcome Engagement Challenges

Outperform email, SMS, in-app messaging, and campaigns by using WhatsApp for engagement.

  • An Effective Expansion Strategy
    Scale your operations by allowing multiple users on a single number, yielding a superior return on investment compared to other WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSPs).
  • Efficiently Manage Your Communication
    Initiate and oversee conversations with thousands of customers and prospects effortlessly, using automation, chatbots, and custom workflows.
  • Integrate Multiple Channels
    Cultivate leads from Facebook and Instagram and boost your return on investment by directing leads to WhatsApp.

2) Effective Broadcasting

Deploy campaigns and engage with high-response WhatsApp messages effectively.

Organise your contacts through tagging, categorization, and targeting within customised communication groups.

Nurture relationships that lead to future sales by engaging consistently with your audience on WhatsApp.

3) Streamlined Chatbots

Create no-code chatbots to deliver instant responses to common queries.

Streamline mass communication and tailor responses using automated tools.

Increase sales by converting a higher volume of customer interactions directly on WhatsApp.

4) Collaborative Team Inbox

Collaborate across your team with the WATI inbox to deliver exceptional WhatsApp support.

Effortlessly incorporate customer context with pre-built integrations in just a few clicks.

Facilitate post-sales communication, such as order updates, and promptly address support requests via WhatsApp.

4. LimeChat


Unlocking Explosive Growth with WhatsApp Commerce

LimeChat specialises in harnessing the potential of WhatsApp Commerce to enable brands to connect with their audience effectively. Their mission is to facilitate customer acquisition, retention, and engagement in the environment where customers feel most at ease.

Notable LimeChat Features:

Elevating WhatsApp Marketing Beyond Abandoned Carts:

LimeChat allows you to transition your highly successful email and SMS campaigns to WhatsApp, where you can expect an impressive 95% instant response rate from buyers. Did you know that the entire purchasing journey can be managed on WhatsApp? 

Furthermore, LimeChat assists in enhancing customer retention through re-order and cross-sell campaigns, all while minimising Return to Origin (RTO) with Cash on Delivery (COD) and Non-Delivery Return (NDR) campaigns.

Streamlining Swift Checkouts via WhatsApp:

Recognizing that customers prefer a frictionless order process within WhatsApp, LimeChat enables you to conduct the entire purchasing journey through chat to minimise drop-offs and potentially double your sales. 

This includes enabling customers to explore your complete product catalogue, including various variants, and complete payments directly within WhatsApp. Integration with payment gateways, store payment pages, and UPI ensures comprehensive payment coverage for swift and efficient transactions.

Converting Website Visitors into Leads:

Capture the attention of the 10% of your website visitors who may be feeling bewildered. LimeChat helps you collect their phone numbers and nurture them into loyal customers. 

The platform also assists in addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your products and brand, sharing discounts and offers with highly interested shoppers, providing rapid responses to customer inquiries, offering personalised product recommendations, and instilling confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Automating Responses to Frequently Asked Questions:

LimeChat's support bot is designed to be as personable as your most skilled customer support agent! It helps you cultivate a dedicated fan base on WhatsApp with rapid support resolution. 

Offer exceptionally precise answers to inquiries like "Where is my order?" thanks to seamless integration with Shopify and logistics partners. The platform also simplifies procedures for returns, cancellations, resolving complaints, order adjustments, and refunds for your customers.

AI-Powered Insights from Every Conversation:

LimeChat goes beyond merely tracking read and response rates. It collects real-time data that offers valuable insights into your customers' true desires.

The platform helps identify customers with an inclination for monthly purchases, recognize those emphasising cost-efficiency, and gain insight into what fuels their affection for your brand. Stay up-to-date on customer inquiries, including the causes behind returns or cancellations, to deliver exceptional support.

5. Revolutionising Customer Experiences through AI-Enhanced Conversational Automation

Meet the Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP)

DAP is founded on a robust multi-LLM architecture, continuously learning from billions of conversations to enhance scalability, speed, and precision. Powered by generative AI, DAP excels in automating conversations across various channels while significantly reducing operational costs.

Recreating Human-Like Experiences

Our platform harnesses the latest breakthroughs in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and generative AI to provide empathetic, context-aware conversations that surpass customer expectations across a wide array of channels.

Advanced and Secure Conversational AI

Our conversational AI is fortified with advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, constantly learning to enhance comprehension and provide personalised responses, all while placing a premium on security.

Instant Bot Deployment, No Setup Required

Easily generate and deploy bots by uploading documents, connecting to your preferred channels, and simulating customer interactions using dynamic conversation designers. Experience a seamless zero-setup process for rapid deployment.

Dynamic Chat Empowered by Generative AI

Engage in goal-oriented conversations with our dynamic chat system, intelligently constructing real-time dialogue flows based on user inputs. This feature is designed to facilitate efficient lead generation and seamless CRM integration, delivering a personalised and responsive chat experience.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Our platform is fortified with top-tier security measures, backed by ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR certifications. We strictly adhere to industry-leading security and compliance standards, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive data and peace of mind for our users.

Elevate Business Performance with Advanced Analytics

Elevate both customer and employee satisfaction to new heights with real-time bot insights. Harness the power of data-driven decision-making for improved business outcomes, allowing you to make informed choices that optimise performance.

AI-Powered Automation

Achieve uninterrupted 24/7 customer support, streamline employee interactions through automation, and enhance marketing strategies with personalised campaigns. All of this translates into significant time and cost savings for your business.

To Wrap it Up:

After diligently reviewing a roster of  “Alternatives to BusinessOnBot”, tailored to D2C brands in the Indian landscape, a couple fundamental questions arise:

  1. Which one comfortably fits your budgetary constraints?
  2. Which one delivers the exact data you've been searching for?
  3. Which provider goes the extra mile beyond your basic service needs?
  4. Which one boasts the trust of a wide spectrum of brands?
  5. Which one has been purposefully engineered with D2C brands at the forefront?
  6. To what extent can one be customised to the absolute maximum?

While we may not delve further into the specifics of the remaining options, we cordially invite you to schedule a demonstration with us at your earliest convenience!

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