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Since the launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018, India's D2C Ecommerce sector has experienced a monumental shift. An astonishing 77% of D2C Ecommerce brands in the country have swiftly recognized the immense potential of WhatsApp and integrated it into their strategies. This surge in WhatsApp adoption has also led to a fascinating development, with 50% of these brands actively using WhatsApp for interactive video shopping experiences, resulting in a 25% increase in average order values (AOV).

Furthermore, the collaborative relationship between D2C brands and WhatsApp has led to the emergence of more than 100 third-party service providers specialising in customising and optimising Meta's WhatsApp Business platform. These providers have reported a remarkable 40% boost in customer conversion rates and a significant 30% reduction in customer service costs, showcasing how WhatsApp is becoming a cornerstone of success for D2C Ecommerce brands in India.

Which is why we are here to exemplify the alternatives to what’s considered the best WhatsApp Service out there…i.e. The TOP Alternatives to Showcasing the WhatsApp Services similar to

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Best Yellow AI Competitors & Alternatives for All Your WhatsApp Needs in 2024

What is Yellow AI? is now a global leader in conversational AI, delivering autonomous, human-like experiences for customers and employees to accelerate enterprise growth. We believe that memorable conversations are at the heart of every meaningful brand engagement.


  • Chatbots can be trained in a single language and deployed across over 100 languages seamlessly, eliminating the need for translation and re-training.
  • Integration with leading tools such as SalesForce, SAP, AEM, Zendesk, and various channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Assistant, and Email enhances accessibility and functionality.
  • The bot efficiently manages the majority of incoming messages, with human intervention reserved for essential interactions, streamlining support processes.
  • Customer segmentation is simplified, facilitating targeted communication and personalized experiences.


  • Transitioning to alternative tools is challenging due to WhatsApp number retention, limiting flexibility.
  • Users have reported frequent system outages, posing a risk to meeting service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Improvements are needed in design for enhanced usability and aesthetics, particularly concerning reports and mobile app interfaces. and WhatsApp alternatives Elevating Customer Experiences with AI-Driven Conversational Automation

Introducing the Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP)

DAP is built on a robust multi-LLM architecture, continuously learning from billions of conversations to enhance scalability, speed, and precision. Driven by generative AI, DAP excels at automating conversations across various channels while significantly reducing operational costs.

Recreating the Human Touch

Our platform leverages the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and generative AI to deliver empathetic, context-aware conversations that exceed customer expectations across a wide range of channels.

Intelligent and Secure Conversational AI

Our conversational AI is fortified with advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, continually learning to improve comprehension and provide personalised responses, all while prioritising security.

Instant Bot Deployment, No Setup Required

Effortlessly create and deploy bots by uploading documents, connecting to your preferred channels, and simulating customer interactions using dynamic conversation designers. Experience a true zero-setup process for rapid deployment.

Dynamic Chat Powered by Generative AI

Engage in goal-driven conversations with our dynamic chat system, which intelligently constructs real-time dialogue flows based on user inputs. This feature is designed to facilitate efficient lead generation and seamless CRM integration, delivering a personalised and responsive chat experience.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Our platform is fortified with top-tier security measures, bolstered by ISO, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR certifications. We strictly adhere to industry-leading security and compliance standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and providing peace of mind to our users.

Elevate Business Performance with Advanced Analytics

Take both customer and employee satisfaction to new heights with real-time bot insights. Leverage data-driven decision-making for improved business outcomes, empowering you to make informed choices that optimise performance.

AI-Powered Automation

Achieve uninterrupted 24/7 customer support, streamline employee interactions through automation, and optimise marketing strategies with personalised campaigns. All of this translates into significant time and cost savings for your business.

‍What is the pricing of

Yellow AI offers customized pricing determined by various factors: volume of conversations, required channels, and integrations. Signing a 12-month chatbot contract grants a bonus of three months of chatbot service at no cost.

Top Alternatives for D2C India alternatives

1. Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite alternatives

Pragma's WhatsApp Service, known as the WhatsApp Business Suite, is distinguished by its comprehensive feature set. It incorporates various functionalities, including the RTO algorithm, Return Management data, 1Checkout data, Omnichannel data, Logistics data, and more, sourced from a network of 450+ D2C brands in India.

Key Pragmatic Features of the WhatsApp Business Suite:

1. CRM Integration

Our Omnichannel CRM system empowers businesses to centralise customer data and manage WhatsApp interactions within their existing workflows, thanks to Pragma's Omnichannel CRM system.

2. Smart Automation

a) Automated Address Verification & Updates

Leverage AI to automatically verify and update addresses by sending messages to your WhatsApp buyers.

b) Automation via Chatbots

Pragma integrates AI-enabled Chatbots tailored for specific actions, offering an unlimited number of customizable bots to handle frequently asked questions, provide instant responses, and streamline customer interactions.

c) Automated Order Confirmation

Indulge in faster and seamless order confirmation by opting for WhatsApp-driven buyer communication. Capture order cancellations before shipping and minimise RTO losses.

d) Automated Purchase Recommendations

Sell more by cross-selling and upselling items with the help of historic data from consumers.

3. Smooth COD to Prepaid Conversion

Convert cash on delivery orders to prepaid by incentivizing your buyers using customised offers on WhatsApp. Prepaid orders decrease the chances of non-delivery and RTO, thus improving the business's cash flow.

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery via WhatsApp Flows

Remind your customers about incomplete purchases and drive additional conversion rate of up to 5% using automated WhatsApp messages.

5. Exclude High-RTO Audience from Facebook Campaigns

Create and optimise your ad campaigns using delivery status events passed through Facebook conversion API. Amplify your conversion rate by excluding our ready-to-use high-RTO custom audience.

Maximise revenue by Minimising RTO - with the data from 450+ D2C brands (in India).

6. Branded WhatsApp Tracking Notifications

Keep your buyers informed with automated order tracking updates sent via your verified WhatsApp business account.

7. Unified Inbox

Pragma’s WhatsApp Suite can be coupled with a unified inbox that displays all customer messages from different channels, making it easier for support agents to respond promptly and maintain a consistent customer experience.

8. Seamless Human Handover

We support seamless human handover when chatbots are unable to handle complex/sensitive queries. This ensures a smooth transition from automated interactions to live human support, providing a personalised touch when needed.

9. Data Intelligence - Analytics and Insights

Our platform provides analytics and reporting features to track and analyse chatbot and campaign performances.

  1. Brands/Businesses can gain insights into user interactions, response accuracy, and user satisfaction, enabling them to optimise their conversational automation strategy.
  2. Lead Capture and Management helps businesses capture leads by integrating forms, pop-ups, and other lead generation tools. The platform also provides lead management features to track and organise leads for further nurturing.
  3. Segment and target your customers effectively
  4. Analyse ROI generated from marketing automation using detailed insights.

10. What if the buyer is not available on WhatsApp, you ask?

If a customer is not available on WhatsApp, an IVR will be initiated. Post IVR, you can opt for manual calling by our dedicated outbound calling team. Please note that this functionality needs to be activated manually by yourself on the platform.

2. BusinessOnBot


With a vast clientele of over 500 D2C brands, BusinessOnBot has established itself as a leading player among WhatsApp service providers, distinguished by its innovative user acquisition approach.

Highlighted Features of BusinessOnBot:

  1. Streamlined Integration: They cover all your needs comprehensively, offering support and solutions across the board.
  2. Omni-channel Support: Seamlessly connect, engage, and convert effortlessly! Harness the power of versatile omni-channel tools to maximise your success and nurture lasting connections across diverse platforms.
  3. Ad Integration: Easily integrate your advertisements with your WhatsApp shop for a seamless shopping experience. Turbocharge your conversion rates and maximise ROI through precise targeting.
  4. Quick Checkout: Customers can now complete their purchases directly within WhatsApp, eliminating the need to exit the platform.
  5. Enhance campaign efficiency and boost conversions with Advanced User Segmentation tools, making your marketing efforts more precise and effective.
  6. Utilise Smart Automation to effortlessly tailor your marketing campaigns to align with your customers' unique preferences and needs.
  7. Catalog Search: With a single click in your WhatsApp chat, showcase your entire catalog, simplifying the browsing and shopping process for customers.

3. Bik 


BIK provides invaluable support throughout the entire customer journey, covering aspects from post-purchase to post-delivery. Its primary mission can be succinctly stated as Acquire, Engage, and Convert.

Fundamentally, BIK is a comprehensive marketing platform known for consistently delivering exceptional ROI for businesses.

What BIK Offers:

Customer Acquisition Campaigns

Their platform streamlines the process of capturing customers even before they land on your website, resulting in a significant 60% increase in website visitors.

They guide these visitors to highly targeted and personalised product pages, leading to a significant 20% boost in the purchase rate. BIK's services also extend to supporting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

BIK excels in providing an exceptional shopping experience with human-like bot responses that facilitate conversions through meaningful conversations.


Customised Customer Experience - Craft a personalised and distinctive experience for each customer, one that's relevant and tailored to their individual interactions. Deliver personalised and gamified nudges to your customers across various channels, including your website, email, SMS, Instagram, and more.

Cart Recovery for Enhanced Sales

Prompt customers to complete their cart purchases and convert them by offering discount codes and other enticing incentives.

Automated Interactions

Leverage user-friendly flow builders for swift automation of conversations. Easily facilitate two-way communication across platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, and Web push, all with a single click. Gain access to product catalog sharing and customer-level sentiment analysis for improved engagement.

Elevated Engagement Quality

Stimulate conversations through lead generation tools, resulting in heightened engagement levels and improved conversion rates.

Intelligent Campaign Design

Intelligent Segmentation - Create intelligent segments based on events and activities, enabling precise targeting based on chat interactions. Use these segments for retargeting and broadcasting through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email.

Enhance Brand Credibility with Green Tick Verification

Boost your brand's credibility by obtaining the coveted green tick through a direct business service provider.

4. Trengo


Trengo is a collaborative customer communication platform designed to assist businesses in nurturing strong customer relationships across various channels.

To elaborate, Trengo enables meaningful conversations on the most appropriate channels at the right times, simplifying customer communication for brands by consolidating all preferred customer channels into a single, user-friendly solution.

Let's delve into what Trengo has in store:

No Technical Expertise Required

The setup process is quick and straightforward, eliminating the need for engineering resources.

All-Inclusive Convenience

A comprehensive solution for all channels, eliminating the need for constant tab-switching.

Brand's Growth, Trengo's Expansion

Seamlessly scale support, marketing, and sales operations as your business expands while maintaining a superior customer experience.

Collaboration for Swift Responses

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing lightning-fast support. Collaborate with your team to create more efficient responses in less time.

Effortlessly manage high-season queries and handle an influx of customer inquiries during peak seasons by simply @tagging colleagues and utilising collaborative features.

Automate and Empower

Empower your team by automating repetitive tasks, reducing support costs, and increasing efficiency. Automatically route messages to the appropriate agent and create no-code chatbots capable of addressing frequently asked questions.

Reduce Response Time with Automated Conversation Routing and a No-Code Chatbot.

Comprehensive Reporting

Maintain a constant awareness of customer satisfaction levels. Showcase to all stakeholders the roles played by the sales, marketing, and customer support teams in driving revenue, fostering repeat business, and ensuring customer happiness.

Identify Trends on the Dashboard, Adapt Swiftly, and Reduce Response Time.

Create a Customised Platform

Integrate your communication channels with webshops and data CRMs like Shopify, Lightspeed, and others to build a platform tailored to your specific needs.

5. Userlike


Userlike provides brands with the tools to forge deeper connections with their customers, drive lead generation, enhance satisfaction, and streamline service efficiency. They cater to all digital touchpoints, using Chat and AI to elevate the customer experience.

  1. Website Chat: Engage with customers directly on your website.
  2. WhatsApp & More: Connect through popular messaging platforms.
  3. AI Automation: Leverage automation for improved efficiency.
  4. Data Privacy & GDPR: Ensure data security and GDPR compliance.

Website Chat

Userlike's Website Messenger delivers a seamless lead generation solution for websites. It enables businesses to effectively engage with customers while they're on the site, offering features like video calls, live translations, and more to enhance the communication experience.

All-in-One Messaging

Userlike offers a comprehensive messaging solution that ensures you're just a message away from your customers. Whether it's delivering one-on-one support or running targeted marketing campaigns on WhatsApp, Userlike transforms messaging into a seamless and effective communication channel for your business.

The Message Center

Userlike's Message Center consolidates all interactions into a central hub. Regardless of the channels your customers use, you can respond to all messages from this centralised location, ensuring professional support and sales. This feature empowers your team to provide top-tier customer communication and elevate your customer interactions.

Effortless Team Support

Userlike ensures smooth team support with smart distribution and collaboration features. Whether it's automatic or manual routing, the platform consistently directs chats to the most qualified team member.

Groups & Skills

Say goodbye to waiting queues and complex menu choices. Let customers select their preferred department for conversation or automatically connect them with an expert possessing the necessary skills for a more efficient and effective support experience.

Individual and Shared Inbox

Userlike provides both individual and shared inboxes for your agents. Each agent has their dedicated inbox to fully concentrate on ongoing conversations. Additionally, they have the flexibility to choose and respond to requests in the team inbox independently, ensuring efficient and flexible communication management.

Enhance the Service Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Userlike offers an AI-powered knowledge base, consolidating all relevant information in one place. This speeds up support workflows and streamlines customer interactions. Our user-friendly, no-code solution simplifies AI automation, allowing you to seamlessly connect your CRM, database, or other external systems to automate entire processes.

Connecting with Customers Live

Userlike empowers businesses to connect with their customers on a personal level through video calls. In a world where video calls are a popular and flexible mode of communication, you can harness this approach for support and sales. Adding this extra dimension to your communication enables you to meet your visitors exactly where they prefer.

Bepragma: The #1 competitor

After an exhaustive exploration of  “Alternatives to”, curated for D2C brands in the Indian market, a couple pivotal questions emerge:

  1. Which one aligns seamlessly with your budget?
  2. Which one provides the precise data you've been seeking?
  3. Which provider surpasses your fundamental service requirements?
  4. Which one enjoys the trust of brands far and wide?
  5. Which one has been meticulously crafted with D2C brands in mind?
  6. To what degree can one be customised to the highest possible extent?

While we can't delve further into the specifics of the other options, you're more than welcome to schedule a demonstration with us at your convenience! alternatives


  1. What are some alternatives to

Companies similar to include Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite, BusinessOnBot, Bik, Trengo, UserLike. These platforms offer conversational AI solutions for businesses looking to implement chatbots and virtual assistants.

  1. How do alternatives compare in terms of features?’s alternatives offer a range of features including natural language processing, multi-channel support, and integration capabilities, comparable to those of

  1. Are there any differences in pricing between and its alternatives?

Pricing structures vary among alternatives such as Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite. It's essential to compare pricing plans and features to find the best fit for your business.

  1. Can alternatives accommodate businesses of different sizes?

Yes, platforms like Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Chatbot cater to businesses of various sizes, from startups to enterprises, offering scalable solutions to meet different needs.

  1. How do alternatives handle customer support and integration?

Similar to, platforms such as ChatGPT, Dialogflow, and LivePerson provide robust customer support and seamless integration with popular tools and platforms, ensuring smooth implementation and operation.

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