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WhatsApp Services similar to Shiprocket Engage

D2C Ecommerce brands continue to explore the full spectrum of possibilities within the WhatsApp Business platform, and third-party service providers have become indispensable. 

These providers, numbering over 200 in India, specialise in tailoring and optimising Meta's WhatsApp Business tools to meet the specific requirements of businesses, with an average success rate of improving response rates by 30%. 

With the dynamic synergy between D2C e-commerce brands, WhatsApp, and third-party service providers, ShipRocket has emerged as the choice for e-commerce brands, yet there are many basic features that it lacks. And if you’re an e-commerce brand looking to build on top of ShipRocket, it’s time to rethink.

Which is why we are here to exemplify the alternatives to what’s considered the best WhatsApp Service out there…i.e. TOP 5 Alternatives to Shiprocket Engage. Showcasing the WhatsApp Services similar to Shiprocket Engage.‍

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‍Top 10 Best ShipRocket Competitors & Alternatives (Tried & Tested)

Shiprocket Engage and WhatsApp

This powerful buyer communication tool leverages WhatsApp to foster authentic, timely, and valuable connections for your business. Whether you're looking to boost conversions or enhance customer support, this platform streamlines your operations and elevates your business at every stage.

What Sets Shiprocket Engage Apart:

  1. Turbocharge your conversion optimization endeavours by sending personalised reminders, effectively reducing cart abandonment rates by up to 10%.
  2. Harness the potential of data intelligence to identify high-risk buyers, orders, and addresses with our MLI engine, trained on a colossal dataset of over 1 billion data points.
  3. Drastically cut down Return to Origin (RTO) incidents by using pre-configured notifications to verify orders, validate addresses, and convert potentially problematic orders into prepaid ones.
  4. Craft an exceptional customer experience with the implementation of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and deliver branded order tracking updates, demonstrating genuine appreciation and value for your customers.
  5. Offer seamless CRM (Customer Relationship Management) support by providing quick query resolutions and assistance through a shared WhatsApp team inbox.

Top 10 Best ShipRocket Alternatives and Competitors in India [2024 Updated List]

1. Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite

Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite

Pragma's WhatsApp Service, aptly dubbed WhatsApp Business Suite, owes its distinctive character to the plethora of additional features it encompasses, including our proprietary RTO algorithm, Return Management data, 1Checkout data, Omnichannel data, and Logistics data, all gleaned from a vast network comprising over 450 D2C brands in India.

Key Pragmatic Features of the WhatsApp Business Suite:

1. Integration with CRM

Our Omnichannel CRM system empowers businesses to centralise customer data and efficiently manage WhatsApp interactions within their existing workflows.

2. Intelligent Automation

  1. Automated Address Verification & Updates
    Unlock the potential of an AI-driven engine that triggers automatic address verification and updates messages to your WhatsApp customers.
  2. Chatbot Automation
    Pragma seamlessly integrates AI-enabled Chatbots for specialised actions, offering an unlimited number of customizable bots tailored to your brand's requirements. They handle frequently asked questions, provide instantaneous responses, and streamline customer interactions.
  3. Automated Order Confirmation
    Experience quicker and smoother order confirmations by choosing WhatsApp-driven buyer communication. This helps capture order cancellations before shipping and minimises RTO losses.
  4. Automated Purchase Recommendations
    Boost sales by cross-selling and upselling products using historical consumer data.

3. Effortless COD to Prepaid Conversion

Transform cash-on-delivery orders into prepaid ones by incentivizing your buyers with personalised WhatsApp offers. Prepaid orders reduce the chances of non-delivery and RTO issues, thereby enhancing your business's cash flow.

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery via WhatsApp Flows

Remind customers about unfinished purchases and achieve up to a 5% conversion rate increase using automated WhatsApp messages.

5. Exclude High-RTO Audience from Facebook Campaigns

Optimise your ad campaigns by leveraging delivery status events through the Facebook conversion API. Boost your conversion rates by excluding our readily available high-RTO custom audience.

Maximise Revenue by Minimising RTO - Leveraging data from over 450 D2C brands in India.

6. Branded WhatsApp Tracking Notifications

Keep your customers informed with automated order tracking updates sent via your verified WhatsApp business account.

7. Unified Inbox

Pragma's WhatsApp Suite can be integrated with a unified inbox that displays all customer messages from different channels, simplifying support agent responses and maintaining a consistent customer experience.

8. Seamless Human Handover

We offer seamless transitions to human support when chatbots can't handle complex or sensitive queries. This ensures a smooth shift from automated interactions to personalised human support when required.

9. Data Intelligence - Analytics and Insights

Our platform includes analytics and reporting features for tracking and analysing chatbot and campaign performances.

  1. Gain insights into user interactions, response accuracy, and user satisfaction to optimise your conversational automation strategy.
  2. Capture and manage leads effectively by integrating forms, pop-ups, and other lead generation tools. The platform also provides lead management features for further nurturing.
  3. Segment and target your customers effectively.
  4. Analyse ROI generated from marketing automation using detailed insights.

10. What if the buyer is not available on WhatsApp, you ask?

If a customer is unavailable on WhatsApp, an IVR will be initiated. After IVR, you can choose manual calling by our dedicated outbound calling team. Please note that this functionality requires manual activation on your part through the platform.

2. Tellephant


Tellephant: Elevating Shopping Experiences from Start to Finish on WhatsApp

Let's address the Elephant in the room:


Effortlessly present your product catalogs and empower customers to make direct orders through WhatsApp.

Simplify communication by automating transactional notifications.

Supercharge your sales with the effectiveness of automated purchase recommendations and timely reminders for abandoned carts.


Elevate customer engagement by segmenting and precisely targeting your audience.

Drive sales growth through efficient automation of your marketing messages.

Leverage comprehensive insights and analytics to gain a profound understanding of your return on investment (ROI) from marketing automation.


Initiate conversations through chatbots to engage potential customers and drive sales.

Provide scalable customer support via WhatsApp, ensuring effective assistance for your clients.

Optimise your team's response and resolution times, monitoring and enhancing the customer experience.

3. Wati

shiprocket alternative

WATI: More Than Just a Tool to Enhance Your Business with WhatsApp

WATI is more than a mere tool for enhancing your business using WhatsApp. It tirelessly works around the clock to elevate customer interactions and boost sales through the WhatsApp Business API platform, streamlining marketing, sales, and service and support processes.

Harness the WhatsApp Business API for Effective Prospect Engagement:

1) Overcome Engagement Hurdles

Surpass the engagement limitations of email, SMS, in-app messaging, and campaigns by utilising WhatsApp for engagement.

  • A More Effective Expansion Strategy
    Boost your operations by accommodating multiple users on a single number, achieving a superior return on investment compared to other WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSPs).
  • Efficiently Scale Your Communication
    Effortlessly initiate and manage conversations with thousands of customers and prospects using automation, chatbots, and custom workflows.
  • Unify Multiple Channels
    Cultivate leads originating from Facebook and Instagram, significantly multiplying your return on investment by channelling your leads to WhatsApp.

2) Effective Broadcasting

Deploy your campaigns and engage with high-response WhatsApp messages effectively.

Organise your contacts by tagging, categorising, and targeting them in customised communication groups.

Nurture and foster relationships that yield future sales by consistently engaging with your audiences on WhatsApp.

3) Simplified Chatbots

Create no-code chatbots for instant responses to common queries.

Streamline mass communication and tailor responses using automated tools.

Boost sales by directly converting a higher volume of customer interactions on WhatsApp.

4) Collaborative Team Inbox

Collaboratively use the WATI inbox across your team to provide exceptional WhatsApp support.

Seamlessly integrate customer context with pre-built integrations in just a few clicks.

Facilitate post-sales communication, such as order updates, and promptly address support requests via WhatsApp.

4. BusinessOnBot


BusinessOnBot, with a clientele of over 500 D2C brands, stands as one of the top 10 WhatsApp service providers, offering a unique method for acquiring new users.

Key Highlights of BusinessOnBot:

  1. Streamlined Integration: They provide comprehensive support and solutions across the board, ensuring your needs are met.
  2. Omni-channel Support: Seamlessly connect, engage, and convert your audience! Harness the power of versatile omni-channel tools to maximise your success and build lasting connections across various platforms.
  3. Ad Integration: Easily incorporate your advertisements into your WhatsApp shop for a seamless shopping experience. Increase conversion rates and ROI through precise targeting.
  4. Quick Checkout: Customers can now complete their purchases directly within WhatsApp, eliminating the need to leave the platform.
  5. Elevate campaign efficiency and boost conversions with Advanced User Segmentation tools, making your marketing efforts more precise and effective.
  6. Leverage Smart Automation to tailor your marketing campaigns effortlessly to meet your customers' unique preferences and needs.
  7. Catalog Search: With a single click in your WhatsApp chat, showcase your entire catalog, making it easier for customers to browse and shop.

5. Bik 


BIK plays a crucial role in the entire customer journey, spanning from post-purchase to post-delivery. However, it can be summarised as primarily focusing on Acquisition, Engagement, and Conversion.

In essence, BIK operates as an all-encompassing marketing platform that consistently delivers impressive ROI for your business.

The Value BIK Offers:

Customer Acquisition Campaigns

Their platform streamlines the process of capturing customers even before they reach your website, resulting in a remarkable 60% increase in website visitors.

These visitors are directed to highly targeted and personalised product pages, leading to a significant 20% boost in the purchase rate. BIK's services also extend to supporting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Elevated Shopping Experience

BIK provides an exceptional shopping experience with human-like bot responses that drive conversions through meaningful conversations.

Tailored Personalisation

Tailor-Made Customer Experience - Create a personalised and unique experience for each customer, one that is relevant and specific to their individual interactions. Deliver personalised and gamified nudges to your customers across various channels, including your website, email, SMS, Instagram, and more.

Cart Recovery for Boosting Sales

Prompt customers to complete their cart purchases and convert them by offering discount codes and other enticing incentives.

Automated Interactions

Leverage user-friendly flow builders to easily automate conversations. Effortlessly facilitate two-way communication across platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, and Web push, all with a single click. Gain access to product catalog sharing and customer-level sentiment analysis for improved engagement.

Elevated Engagement Quality

Stimulate conversations through lead generation tools, resulting in higher engagement levels and enhanced conversion rates.

Intelligent Campaign Design

Intelligent Segmentation - Create smart segments based on events and activities. This enables precise targeting based on chat interactions, facilitating customer segmentation to drive conversions. Utilise these segments for retargeting and broadcasting through WhatsApp, SMS, and Email.

Enhance Brand Credibility with Green Tick Verification

Boost your brand's credibility by obtaining the coveted green tick through a direct business service provider.

Other Shiprocket alternative in India are:

6. Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM offers comprehensive customer relationship management solutions, including lead management, sales automation, and marketing automation features.

7. Freshworks CRM: Freshworks CRM provides a user-friendly interface for managing customer interactions, tracking sales activities, and automating marketing campaigns.

8. HubSpot CRM: HubSpot CRM offers a range of customer engagement tools, including email marketing, social media management, and lead nurturing features.

9. Salesforce Sales Cloud: Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful CRM platform that enables businesses to manage customer data, track sales opportunities, and automate sales processes.

10. EngageBay: EngageBay offers an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platform, including email marketing, lead generation, and customer support features.

How to Choose the Best Shiprocket Alternative & Competitor Software for Your Brand- Top 8 Tips You Must Know

Choosing the best alternative to Shiprocket or any other shipping software for your brand requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are eight tips to help you make an informed decision:

Evaluate Your Specific Needs: Understand your brand's unique shipping requirements, including the volume of shipments, destination locations, delivery speed, and budget constraints.

Compare Features and Functionality: Assess the features and functionality offered by each alternative shipping software, such as carrier integrations, order tracking capabilities, shipping label generation, and return management.

Consider Pricing and Cost: Compare the pricing plans and cost structures of different alternatives, including subscription fees, transaction fees, shipping rates, and additional charges for premium features or add-ons.

Check User Reviews and Ratings: Research user reviews and ratings of alternative shipping software platforms to gauge user satisfaction, reliability, ease of use, and customer support quality.

Explore Integration Options: Determine whether the alternative shipping software integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform, inventory management system, payment gateway, and other third-party applications.

Assess Scalability and Flexibility: Choose a shipping software that can scale with your business growth and adapt to changing needs and requirements over time. Look for flexibility in customization options, shipping rules, and automation features.

Review Customer Support and Service: Consider the level of customer support and service provided by each alternative shipping software vendor, including availability, responsiveness, and technical expertise.

Trial Period and Demo Options: Take advantage of free trials, demo versions, or pilot programs offered by alternative shipping software vendors to test the platform's features, usability, and suitability for your brand before making a commitment.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Search for Shiprocket Alternatives

Limited Features: Some companies may find that Shiprocket lacks certain features or functionalities that are essential for their shipping and logistics needs.

Poor Customer Service: Companies may seek alternatives to Shiprocket due to dissatisfaction with its customer service, including slow response times, lack of support, or unaddressed issues.

High Costs: Rising subscription fees, transaction charges, or shipping rates may prompt companies to explore alternative shipping software options that offer more competitive pricing plans.

Integration Challenges: Difficulty in integrating Shiprocket with existing e-commerce platforms, inventory management systems, or other third-party applications may lead companies to search for alternatives that offer better integration options.

Scalability Issues: As companies grow and expand their operations, they may encounter scalability issues with Shiprocket, such as limitations in handling increased shipment volumes, customization requirements, or international shipping capabilities.

By considering these factors and reasons, you can make a well-informed decision when choosing the best alternative shipping software for your brand.

Conclusion: Why is Bepragma the Best Shiprocket Alternative in India in 2024?

After reviewing a comprehensive list of alternative of Shiprocket Engage or as you may call it Shiprocket competitors, tailored for D2C brands in the Indian market, you begin to ask yourself:‍

  1. Which option aligns with your specific budgetary constraints?
  2. Which one boasts the data and insights you seek?
  3. Which service provider extends beyond the fundamental offerings, catering to your unique needs?
  4. Amongst the vast array of options, which one enjoys a reputation trusted by brands across the spectrum?
  5. Which one has been meticulously crafted with D2C brands as the focal point?
  6. To what extent can one be tailor-made to meet your requirements at the absolute maximum?

‍As for delving further into the specifics of the remaining alternatives, we'll have to keep it concise, but you're more than welcome to schedule a demonstration with us at your convenience!

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