WhatsApp Business for Pre-purchase, Post-purchase, and Post-delivery

Boost customer experience with WhatsApp Business. Enhance pre-purchase inquiries, streamline post-purchase support, and ensure seamless post-delivery follow-up.

Why do D2C Brands need it?

WhatsApp Business as a platform is preferred by the majority of brands, especially D2C (Direct-to-consumer) brands because of its versatility.

  1. Wide User Base
    WhatsApp has over 400 million active users in India, providing a vast potential customer base for brands.
  2. Direct and Personalized Communication
    80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalised experiences.
  3. Rich Media Sharing
    Brands can utilise WhatsApp Business to showcase product catalogues, answer queries, and provide tailored recommendations, significantly influencing purchase decisions.
  4. Quick and Timely Responses
    90% of consumers value prompt responses when seeking customer support - Maintaining engagement and offering after-sales support on WhatsApp contributes to increased customer retention and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  5. Automation and Chatbots
    WhatsApp's automation and chatbot capabilities enable brands to address post-purchase inquiries promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  6. Opt-in Marketing
    With WhatsApp Business, brands can encourage customers to opt-in for updates, promotions, and exclusive content.
  7. Enhanced Support
    By confirming deliveries, requesting feedback, and resolving issues through WhatsApp Business, brands can foster loyalty and advocacy among customers.
  8. Customer Loyalty and Engagement
    70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if they have a positive post-purchase experience.
  9. Improved real-time data
    By linking multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and more; the cumulative data collected will better personalisation greatly

With the help of all the above, brands can optimise the pre-purchase, post-purchase, and post-delivery stages of the customer journey. And thereby maximise the potential of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business for Pre-purchase Customer Journey

  1. Awareness and Discovery:

  • Use other marketing channels to generate awareness about your brand and products.
  • Encourage potential customers to opt-in to your WhatsApp Business list for updates and exclusive content.
  • Share relevant and engaging content through WhatsApp broadcasts or groups to keep customers informed and interested.

  1. Information Gathering:

  • Respond promptly to customer inquiries via WhatsApp Business.
  • Provide detailed product information, specifications, and features.
  • Share product images, videos, or catalogues to showcase your offerings.
  • Use WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to create engaging and informative content.

  1. Product Information:

  • Create a WhatsApp Business profile that includes essential details about your brand, products, and services.
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information, including product descriptions, specifications, pricing, and availability.
  • Utilise WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to share product images, videos, and catalogues.
  • Highlight unique selling points and key features that differentiate your products from competitors.

  1. Product Recommendations:

  • Offer personalised recommendations based on customer preferences, needs, and budget.
  • Use WhatsApp chats to understand customer requirements and suggest suitable products.
  • Share customer reviews, testimonials, or case studies to build trust and showcase product value.

  1. Price and Offer Communication:

  • Discuss pricing, discounts, or special offers through WhatsApp conversations.
  • Provide exclusive discounts or coupon codes via WhatsApp to incentivize purchases.
  • Share limited-time offers or flash sales to create a sense of urgency.

  1. Decision Support:

  • Assist customers in their decision-making process by answering queries promptly.
  • Provide additional information or resources that can help customers make informed decisions.
  • Use WhatsApp chats to address concerns, clarify doubts, and alleviate any hesitations.

  1. Prompt Customer Support:

  • Enable quick responses using WhatsApp's messaging automation tools or chatbots to handle common customer queries.
  • Ensure that customer inquiries are promptly answered by a dedicated support team during business hours.
  • Personalise your responses to provide tailored recommendations based on customer preferences or requirements.
  • Address customer concerns, provide clarifications, and build trust by offering reliable and helpful assistance.

  1. Virtual Consultations and Demos:

  • Offer virtual consultations or product demonstrations via WhatsApp video calls to showcase your products in action.
  • Schedule appointments and provide personalised attention to potential customers to understand their needs better.
  • Use screen sharing to demonstrate product features, answer questions, and guide customers through the purchasing process.
  • Make the experience interactive by encouraging customers to ask questions or provide feedback during the session.

  1. Exclusive Offers and Discounts:

  • Share exclusive pre-purchase offers, discounts, or early access promotions with interested customers through WhatsApp.
  • Create a sense of urgency by setting limited-time offers or limited quantity deals.
  • Provide personalised discount codes or special pricing for customers who engage with you through WhatsApp.
  • Make the process seamless by including direct links to the product pages or incorporating a chatbot for quick ordering.

  1. Seamless Ordering Process:

  • Integrate your e-commerce platform with WhatsApp Business for a smooth purchasing experience.
  • Share direct links to product pages or incorporate a WhatsApp chatbot for easy ordering.
  • Guide customers through the ordering process, including selecting variants, adding to cart, and making payments.

WhatsApp Business for Post-purchase Customer Journey

whatsapp business for post purchase

  1. Order Confirmation and Updates:

  • Send a personalised order confirmation message via WhatsApp Business.
  • Provide updates on order processing, shipping, and delivery status.
  • Share tracking information and estimated delivery dates.
  • Offer a direct contact for customer support related to the order.

  1. Upselling and Cross-selling:

  • Share personalised recommendations for complementary products or accessories based on the customer's purchase history.
  • Offer exclusive discounts or promotions on related products to encourage additional purchases.
  • Utilise WhatsApp broadcasts or targeted messages to highlight new arrivals or promotions.

  1. Order Feedback and Reviews:

  • Request feedback from customers about their purchase experience.
  • Ask customers to rate and review your products or services.
  • Encourage customers to share their positive experiences or testimonials via WhatsApp.
  • Leverage positive reviews or testimonials in your marketing efforts.

  1. Delivery Notifications:

  • Send proactive delivery notifications to customers via WhatsApp.
  • Inform customers about the expected delivery time or any potential delays.
  • Provide a delivery status update when the package is out for delivery.
  • Include any necessary instructions or details related to the delivery.

  1. Customer Support and Assistance:

  • Offer customer support and address any post-purchase inquiries or concerns through WhatsApp Business.
  • Respond promptly to customer queries, complaints, or requests for assistance.
  • Provide solutions, troubleshooting steps, or alternative options to resolve customer issues.
  • Utilise WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to share images or videos for better understanding and guidance.

WhatsApp Business for Post-delivery Customer Journey

WhatsApp Business for post delivery
WhatsApp Business for post delivery

  1. Delivery Confirmation:

  • Send a personalised message via WhatsApp Business to confirm the successful delivery of the customer's order.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation for their purchase.
  • Include a call-to-action for customers to provide feedback or contact support if needed.

  1. Customer Support and Issue Resolution:

  • Offer customer support through WhatsApp Business to address any post-delivery concerns or issues.
  • Respond promptly to customer inquiries, complaints, or requests for assistance.
  • Provide solutions, troubleshooting steps, or alternatives to resolve customer problems.
  • Utilise WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to share images, videos, or instructions for better understanding and guidance.

  1. Return and Exchange Process:

  • Guide customers through the return or exchange process via WhatsApp Business.
  • Provide clear instructions on how to initiate a return or exchange and any required documentation.
  • Address customer queries or concerns related to returns and exchanges promptly.
  • Keep customers informed about the status of their return or exchange and provide timely updates.

  1. Warranty and After-sales Support:

  • Use WhatsApp Business to provide information about product warranties or after-sales support.
  • Assist customers with warranty claims, repairs, or replacements.
  • Share any relevant documentation or instructions through WhatsApp.
  • Offer personalised assistance and address customer inquiries or concerns related to warranty or after-sales support.

  1. Educational Content and Resources:

  • Share informative and educational content related to the purchased products through WhatsApp Business.
  • Provide tips, usage instructions, or maintenance guides to help customers derive maximum value from their purchase.
  • Use WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to share images, videos, or user manuals for reference.

  1. Loyalty Programs and Rewards:

  • Implement a loyalty program that rewards customers for repeat purchases.
  • Use WhatsApp to inform customers about their loyalty points, rewards, or exclusive offers.
  • Provide personalised discount codes or incentives to encourage future purchases.
  • Share loyalty program updates, benefits, or upcoming rewards.

  1. Replenishment Reminders:

  • Send timely reminders to customers who have purchased consumable or frequently replenished products.
  • Notify customers when it's time to reorder or restock their favourite items.
  • Offer special incentives or discounts to encourage repeat purchases.

  1. Customer Surveys and Market Research:

  • Conduct customer surveys or market research to gather insights and improve your products or services.
  • Use WhatsApp Business to share survey links or conduct polls directly within the chat.
  • Offer incentives, such as exclusive discounts, for customers who participate in surveys.

  1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

  • Share positive customer reviews, testimonials, or case studies through WhatsApp broadcasts or individual messages.
  • Highlight customer success stories that demonstrate the benefits and value of your products.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to provide feedback or reviews and share them on their social media platforms.
  • Leverage user-generated content by featuring customer photos or videos with their permission.

  1. Follow-up and Nurturing:

  • Stay engaged with potential customers after initial interactions by sending personalised follow-up messages.
  • Provide additional information or resources that can help customers make informed purchase decisions.
  • Send reminders about upcoming product launches, restocks, or limited-time offers.
  • Offer assistance and address any lingering concerns to ensure a positive pre-purchase experience.

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