Guide to WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: Ensuring Trust and Authenticity for Your Business

Learn about WhatsApp's green tick verification, a symbol of business authenticity. This guide explains its importance and how to achieve it for enhanced trust.

The Indian Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business sector is highly competitive. As of 2022, there were as many as 2,000 D2C brands, and this number will only increase in the coming years. 

‍And to stay connected with your customers and build a trustworthy brand image is the need of the hour. With WhatsApp being the newest and most convenient mode of communication, we bring you a Guide to WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: Ensuring Trust and Authenticity for Your Business.

Whatsapp Green Tick Verification

With its massive user base, WhatsApp has emerged as a prime platform for businesses to engage with customers. And to stand out in this digital crowd, you'll want to get that coveted WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for your business account. That one Green Tick Verification button plays a huge role in winning trust of your target audiences. 

‍In this article, we'll take you through everything you need to know about the WhatsApp green tick verification, how to get it, and why it's essential for your D2C business. Let’s dive in! 

How to Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

WhatsApp green tick verification is now more accessible than ever. Here's a simple, four-step process on how to get a green tick on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Prepare Your Business Profile

Ensure your WhatsApp Business profile is complete and accurate. This includes a detailed business description, contact information, and a professional profile picture.

Again note how Myntra does this👇

Whatsapp Green Tick Verification
Myntra’s completed WhatsApp Business Profile 

Step 2: Comply with WhatsApp Policies

Familiarize yourself with WhatsApp's Business Policy and adhere to their guidelines, ensuring your business activities align with their terms of service.

Step 3: Apply for Verification

Within the WhatsApp Business app, go to "Settings" > "Business settings" > "Request verification." Follow the prompts to submit your request for verification.

Step 4: Await Confirmation

WhatsApp will review your application, and if everything checks out, you'll receive the Green Tick verification, confirming your official business status.

With those being the steps on how to get a green tick on WhatsApp, let’s move into more detail of WhatsApp Green Tick Verification.

What is a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge?

The WhatsApp Green Tick is a symbol of authenticity and credibility. It signifies that your business account is officially verified by WhatsApp, assuring customers that they interact with a legitimate and trusted entity. It's like a digital seal of approval that can significantly enhance your business's reputation and reliability. 

Notice how fashion retail Myntra’s WhatsApp account is verified and makes it a reliable platform for customers: 

Whatsapp Green Tick Verification
Myntra WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

If your D2C business relies on WhatsApp for customer service and engagement, the Green Tick is more than just a badge; it's a competitive advantage. Customers are more likely to engage with businesses with the Green Tick, as it offers them confidence that they are dealing with a genuine, official account.

Why is getting the WhatsApp green badge so important?

The WhatsApp green tick verification brings with it a slew of advantages for your D2C business:

Improved Trust and Credibility

The WhatsApp Green Tick tells your customers that you are a legitimate, reliable entity on the platform. This trust factor is priceless in a world rife with scams and dubious online businesses. Customers are more likely to interact with and purchase from businesses they trust, and the Green Tick is the quickest way to establish that.

Higher Visibility

Verified business accounts are often prioritized in search results and listings within WhatsApp. When a potential customer searches for a product or service related to your business, your verified profile is more likely to be prominently displayed. Enhanced visibility translates to more discoverability and opportunities for engagement and sales.

This also lets businesses run bulk messaging campaigns while ensuring higher CTR.

Access to Next-level Features

WhatsApp Business API, a powerful tool for automation and communication, is typically accessible only to verified business accounts. This API opens the door to various features, including automated messaging, chatbots, and integration with other business tools. It empowers your business to streamline customer interactions, provide instant responses, and deliver a more efficient and satisfactory customer experience.

Improved Branding 

The WhatsApp green tick verification on your WhatsApp business profile adds a professional touch to your WhatsApp presence. It signals to customers that you take your business seriously and you've gone through the verification process to ensure your legitimacy. This level of professionalism can significantly impact how potential customers perceive your brand and set you apart from competitors who lack this distinction.

What is the eligibility criteria to get a WhatsApp green tick?

Not all businesses are eligible for the WhatsApp green tick verification. WhatsApp typically verifies businesses that meet their criteria, which may exclude specific categories like non-profits or businesses engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities. 

The following types of businesses don’t qualify for WhatsApp Green Tick verification: 

  • Non-Legitimate Businesses: WhatsApp strictly verifies businesses that are legal and legitimate. If your business engages in illegal activities, promotes scams, or conducts fraudulent operations, you won't be eligible for Green Tick verification.

  • Non-Profits: WhatsApp primarily focuses on verifying businesses that offer products or services for profit. Non-profit organizations and charities may find it challenging to obtain the Green Tick, as WhatsApp's verification process is tailored to commercial entities.

  • Incomplete Business Profiles: A complete and accurate business profile is a prerequisite for Green Tick verification. If your business profile lacks essential information, such as a clear description, contact details, or a professional profile picture, WhatsApp may reject your verification request.

  • Impersonation Risk: If WhatsApp identifies a significant risk of your business being impersonated, they may delay or reject your verification request. This risk arises when multiple businesses operate under similar names or when there's confusion about the authenticity of your account.

  • Incomplete or Misleading Information: Providing incomplete or misleading information during the verification process can lead to rejection. WhatsApp requires accurate and transparent information to verify your business.

It's crucial for businesses to thoroughly review WhatsApp's policies and guidelines before applying for Green Tick verification. If your business doesn't meet the eligibility criteria, it's essential to rectify any issues, such as completing your business profile or addressing policy violations, before reapplying. While the verification process is stringent, obtaining the Green Tick can greatly enhance your business's credibility and trustworthiness on WhatsApp, making it a worthwhile pursuit for eligible businesses.

What are the benefits of the WhatsApp verified tick?

Understanding how to get WhatsApp green tick isn’t tough, convincing your team to get one is. So, let us help you with the benefits of WhatsApp Green Tick Verification:

Enhanced Trustworthiness

The WhatsApp Green Tick's foremost advantage is its immediate boost in trustworthiness to your business. Customers are cautious about interacting with unknown businesses in an era of digital scams and impersonation. The Green Tick acts as a digital certificate, assuring your customers that they engage with an authentic and legitimate entity.

Increased Customer Confidence

When customers see the Green Tick next to your business name, it instills confidence. They are more likely to trust the information you provide, whether it's about your products, services, or contact details. This increased confidence encourages customers to initiate conversations, ask questions, and make purchases, ultimately improving conversion rates.

Improved Visibility

Verified business accounts often enjoy higher visibility within WhatsApp. When users search for products or services related to your business, your verified profile is more likely to appear prominently in the search results. This increased visibility translates into more potential customers discovering your business and engaging with your brand.

Security Against Impersonation

WhatsApp's verification process is a safeguard against impersonation and fraudulent activities. By verifying your business, you protect your brand's identity and ensure that your customers don't fall victim to scams perpetrated by impersonators posing as your business.

‍What to do if your WhatsApp green tick application gets rejected?

If your WhatsApp green tick application gets rejected, you can take the following steps:

  1. Review Rejection Details: Thoroughly understand the reasons for rejection provided by WhatsApp. Common reasons might include incomplete information, insufficient verification documents, or failure to meet eligibility criteria specific to D2C brands.

  1. Address Compliance Issues: Take necessary actions to address the compliance issues highlighted in the rejection notice. Ensure that your D2C brand complies with WhatsApp's guidelines, including providing accurate information about your business, adhering to terms of service, and maintaining a notable online presence.

  1. Resubmit Application with Enhanced Information: Revise your green tick application with enhanced information and documentation, addressing the issues identified during the rejection process. Provide clear and comprehensive details about your D2C brand, its products/services, and any other relevant information requested by WhatsApp.

  1. Seek Expert Guidance if Necessary: If you encounter challenges in understanding the rejection reasons or need assistance in navigating the green tick verification process, consider seeking expert guidance. Consult with professionals experienced in D2C brand management or reach out to WhatsApp's support team for clarification and support.

Final Thoughts 

In the ever-changing Indian D2C industry, trust and credibility are non-negotiable. With this blog covering right from how to get a green tick on WhatsApp to the benefits, you must have understood by now that it is your passport to enhanced trust, visibility, and engagement. 

Following the simple steps outlined here, you can secure your business's official status and propel it to greater success on WhatsApp. So, don't wait; get that Green Tick and watch your D2C business flourish in the digital realm.‍

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Is the WhatsApp Green Tick free?

Yes, the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is entirely free of charge. WhatsApp does not levy any fees for the verification process, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium enterprises.

Can I use the Green Tick symbol in my business profile name?

No, WhatsApp prohibits businesses from using the Green Tick symbol in their profile names or descriptions. It can only be obtained through the official verification process.

How long does it take to get the Green Tick after applying for verification?

The processing time can vary, but it typically takes a few weeks for WhatsApp to review and verify your business account. Be patient during this period.

Do I need to reapply for Green Tick verification if my business details change?

If there are significant changes to your business information, you should reapply for verification to ensure your account remains up-to-date and aligned with WhatsApp's policies.

Can I use my WhatsApp Business API account without the WhatsApp Green tick?

While you can use WhatsApp Business API without the Green Tick, having the verification enhances your business's credibility. It's highly recommended to go through the verification process to establish customer trust.

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