WhatsApp Interactive Message: A Comprehensive Guide

WhatsApp Interactive Messages enhance business-customer communication.

Looking for a way to make your WhatsApp messages more interactive? WhatsApp Business API is the solution you need! 

WhatsApp Business API lets you add interactive CTAs to your WhatsApp messages to keep the audiences hooked. 

These interactive messages also include features like quick reply buttons and message lists, allowing for effortless communication, streamlining customer interactions, and improving the overall user experience. 

In this guide, we will cover everything D2C businesses MUST know to send their very first WhatsApp Interactive Message: A Comprehensive Guide

WhatsApp Interactive Message 101: A step-by-step guide (2024)

What is WhatsApp Interactive Message?

WhatsApp Interactive Messages are a game-changer in delivering exceptional customer service and generating sales through the platform. These features are primarily available for the WhatsApp Business API.  

Let’s understand the types of WhatsApp interactive messages that will clear the picture for you.

Types of WhatsApp Interactive Messages

Reply Buttons: Empowering Customers with Choice

One of the standout features of WhatsApp Interactive Messages is the ability to include reply buttons in a conversation - WhatsApp Interactive Buttons. These buttons provide users with pre-set response options, enabling them to make quick decisions or indicate their preferences. 

Note how Flipkart adds WhatsApp Interactive Buttons to its WhatsApp messages so customers can be encouraged to take an action then and there instead of browsing the website manually: 

glamrs whatsapp interactive messages
WhatsApp reply buttons 

With reply buttons, customers no longer have to wait for a representative or navigate complex menus. Instead, they can easily select the option that aligns with their needs, leading to faster service times, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined operations.

Message Lists: Simplifying Decision-Making

Message lists are another powerful tool within WhatsApp Interactive Messages. These lists present users with a series of options to choose from. Whether it's selecting a product, service, or specific action, message lists provide a structured and straightforward way for customers to make decisions. 

Coming back to Flipkart, note how the brand carefully presents two options to the users - buy a product directly or explore more super-saver deals: 

glamrs whatsapp interactive messages buttons
WhatsApp Message Lists 

By presenting multiple options clearly and concisely, D2C brands can guide customers through decision-making and facilitate efficient interactions. This can further be automated by your team which analyses customer queries and sends the reply accordingly, known as the WhatsApp Autoreply feature.

Interactive Forms

WhatsApp supports interactive forms or surveys that allow businesses to collect feedback, gather customer preferences, or conduct polls. These forms can include multiple-choice questions, rating scales, text input fields, and other interactive elements.

Location Sharing

Businesses can request customers to share their location using WhatsApp, which can be particularly useful for providing location-based services, arranging deliveries, or offering personalized recommendations.

Payment Requests

WhatsApp supports payment integration with third-party payment platforms, allowing businesses to send payment requests or invoices directly to customers via chat. Customers can then complete the payment process within the WhatsApp interface.

Appointment Scheduling

Businesses can use WhatsApp to schedule appointments, bookings, or reservations with customers. Interactive calendars and scheduling tools can be integrated to streamline the appointment booking process and minimize scheduling conflicts.

Rich Cards and Product Catalogs

Businesses can showcase their products or services using rich cards and product catalogs within WhatsApp chats. Rich cards can include images, descriptions, prices, and links to product pages, enabling customers to browse and purchase items directly from the chat interface.

Benefits of WhatsApp Interactive Messages

Integrating interactive messages within WhatsApp API offers numerous benefits for D2C brands and customers. Let's explore some of the key advantages:

Enhanced Customer Experience

WhatsApp Interactive Messages examples can significantly enhance the overall customer experience. By providing users with pre-set response options and streamlined decision-making processes, businesses can ensure their customers have a seamless and efficient interaction. This saves time and reduces the potential for confusion or miscommunication, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This also ensures that your marketing efforts nurture the leads in an efficient way that converts them.

Note how you can create a focused buying experience for customers by allowing them to pick their sizes: 

WhatsApp Interactive Messages
Enhance customer experience with WhatsApp Suite

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Introducing reply buttons and message lists in WhatsApp Interactive Messages allows businesses to handle customer inquiries and requests more efficiently. With pre-set response options, representatives can quickly address common queries or guide customers through specific actions, eliminating the need for time-consuming back-and-forth conversations. 

Both brands and customers can save time with various WhatsApp Interactive Messages examples. Additionally, this enables businesses to handle more customer interactions, increasing productivity.

With Interactive messages, brands can 3X customer experience by offering instant support.

awesome store whatsapp interactive messages
Improve customer experience with WhatsApp API

Personalisation at its best

Many WhatsApp Interactive Messages examples offer businesses the opportunity to personalise their customer interactions. By presenting customers with tailored response options and curated lists, companies can create a more personalised user experience. This customisation level helps build stronger connections, foster engagement, and ultimately drive customer loyalty. 

How to get access to Interactive Buttons on WhatsApp

Creating interactive buttons in WhatsApp is a simple process that involves leveraging the capabilities of the WhatsApp Business API

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Opt for a WhatsApp Business API Solution:

    To use interactive buttons, opt for a WhatsApp Business API solution for your WhatsApp Business Account. It will help your brand to access advanced features and capabilities to enhance customer interactions.
  2. Create Interactive Message Templates:

    Now you can create an interactive message template. These templates serve as the foundation for your interactive messages and allow you to define the structure and content of the buttons or lists you want to include
WhatsApp Interactive Messages
  1. Implement the Interactive Buttons:

    Once your templates are created, you can integrate the interactive buttons into your customer conversations. This can be done through the WhatsApp Business API software, enabling you to send messages that include reply buttons or message lists.
  1. Test and Optimise:

    Like any new feature or functionality, testing and optimising your interactive messages is essential. Monitor customer responses, gather feedback, and adjust as needed to ensure that your interactive buttons work properly and drive the desired outcomes.

Real-World Use Cases of WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

Numerous D2C businesses have already incorporated the power of WhatsApp Interactive Buttons. Let's explore a few examples:

1. Streamlining Order Placements

Many leading e-commerce brands leverage WhatsApp Interactive Buttons to streamline the order placement process for their customers. Customers can quickly select their desired products, sizes, and quantities by including reply buttons in their messages. This simplified and intuitive process eliminates the need for customers to input information manually, resulting in faster order placements and improved customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Interactive Messages
Place order through WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

2. Customised checkout 

Creating a personalised checkout experience can make a huge difference for your customers. For D2C brands, it is a great way to convert first-time customers into loyal customers. 

The below image shows how brands can offer customers their desired payment modes through an interactive message list: 

Customised payment options with WhatsApp API

3. Faster Query Resolution

D2C brands often integrate WhatsApp Interactive Buttons into their customer support workflow. By including reply buttons in their messages, they offer customers a selection of common queries or issues. This lets customers quickly indicate their concerns, allowing customer support representatives to promptly and efficiently address their needs. 

Provide customer support with WhatsApp Suite

Templates of Successful WhatsApp Interactive Messages

Here are a few WhatsApp Interactive Message examples for D2C brands: 

Order Confirmation 

Thank you for placing your order with us! Your order has been confirmed and will be shipped within 24 hours. We will notify you once it's on its way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

CTA: Track your order

Review Request

We hope you liked our product. We would love to hear your feedback! Please take a moment to rate our product and leave a review. Your feedback is valuable to us. 

CTA: Add review

New Product Announcement 

Exciting news! We have launched a new product that we think you'll love. Check it out on our website [link]. Limited stock is available, so grab yours before it's gone! 

CTA: Explore now

Sale Reminder

You're invited to our exclusive [Name] Sales happening this weekend. Expect a minimum of XX% discount on all products. Join now for an early access. We can't wait to see you there.

CTA: Join Early Access

Send Interactive Messages to your Audiences with a WhatsApp Suite 

Integrate Pragma’s WhatsApp Suite solution to your WhatsApp Business account to easily send interactive messages and boost ROAS! 

This brand has helped 450+ D2C brands, including popular names like Snitch, Emami, FacesCanada and more, to achieve the following with interactive WhatsApp messages: 

✅Increase store conversion by 15% 

✅Boost customer experience by 3X 

✅Boost customer support team’s productivity by 2X 

✅Automate up to 75% of customer support operations 


WhatsApp Interactive Messages, including WhatsApp Interactive Buttons, and message lists as the main features that have transformed how D2C brands engage with customers. By providing pre-set response options and streamlined decision-making processes, businesses can enhance customer experience, improve efficiency and productivity, and foster stronger connections

By leveraging the capabilities of the WhatsApp Business API and integrating with platforms like Pragma, businesses can unlock the full potential of WhatsApp Interactive Messages and deliver exceptional customer service. 

Embrace the power of WhatsApp Interactive Messages and take your customer engagement to new heights. 


How do interactive messages work on WhatsApp?

Interactive messages on WhatsApp allow businesses to engage with customers through interactive buttons for replies. There are three types of interactive messages: list messages, reply button messages, and single-product messages. These messages can be used for various purposes, such as customer support, FAQs, and ordering.

What are the benefits of using interactive messages on WhatsApp?

Using interactive WhatsApp messages gives businesses more control and options for improving the customer experience. It makes it easier for customers to find the information they need or select from a menu. Businesses can combine different types of interactive messages to create a shopping flow that is more intuitive for customers. 

How can businesses use interactive messages on WhatsApp?

Businesses can use interactive messages on WhatsApp for various purposes. Some examples include offering customer support, promoting in-store walk-ins, getting reorders from customers, and changing order details. These messages provide a more interactive and engaging customer experience, enhancing the overall messaging strategy.

How can I implement interactive messages on WhatsApp for my business?

There are two ways to implement interactive messages on WhatsApp: via service conversations or WhatsApp interactive message templates. Following the step-by-step guide in the blog mentioned in the search results, businesses can set up and customise their interactive messages according to their specific needs and branding.

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