WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Guide

Enhance outreach with WhatsApp bulk messaging. Our guide breaks down the steps for maximum impact.

In the competitive landscape of selling your product, brands are generally judged by users before buying on two things:

  1. Marketing and branding
  2. Product quality/satisfaction

We’re really sure about the quality of your product, but what’s your thought process on marketing and branding them?

First and foremost, we’re not an agency that will be selling their services to you, rather, today we’ll tell you about one of the easiest ways to market your product - WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Guide.

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WhatsApp Business & its Reach Potential for D2C India

WhatsApp alone has emerged as a platform that has showcased numerous benefits when it comes to using it as a marketing channel. 

It is one of those software that offers efficient features, and multiple benefits, and let’s brands build strategies to help drive sales and truly foster business growth.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look into the world of WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software, exploring it end-to-end and how it can benefit your business.

Let’s delve into the core of it now!

How to Send WhatsApp Message in Bulk - A Guide

What are WhatsApp bulk messages?

WhatsApp bulk messenger suite involves sending similar messages to a large number of contacts, all at once. 

This method is primarily employed in the campaigns run by the sales and marketing team. 

The main idea behind bulk messaging is to deliver a consistent message to a broad audience of potential clients or existing customers in order to generate better leads.

Companies opt for bulk messaging tools like Pragma as they streamline the process, eliminating the need to craft and send individual messages, ultimately saving time and effort. 

When executed effectively, utilising WhatsApp and chatbots for bulk messaging can lead to a significant increase in customer interaction, those of which can be again nurtured to push them for cross-sell and up-sell of products.

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What is a WhatsApp Business bulk message?

A bulk message is a message that is sent from a single WhatsApp Business user to multiple phone numbers at the same time. All receivers of the message will see it coming in as a private message. WhatsApp bulk messaging first was a consumer-only feature, but it’s now also available for businesses

When to use WhatsApp bulk messaging?

With those being the basics of WhatsApp bulk messaging, let’s understand when and where brands can use it to send bulk messaging.

Its usage is generally found in campaigns like, but not limited to:

  1. Announcing upcoming offers and discounts - festive or clearance sales

  1. Addition of new products or services to your catalogue

  1. Notifying customers about approaching payment reminders.

  1. Reviving abandoned carts or pending orders to customers

  1. Re-engaging with churned customers with personalised offers.

How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages: Step-by-Step Guide

Before we proceed to the guide on how you can send bulk messages, it’s important for every brand to understand that any business engaging in excessive and spammy promotions can risk being removed from the WhatsApp business platform. 

Bulk Messages on WhatsApp for D2C Brands

However, this doesn't simply mean that sending bulk messages is prohibited.

You can certainly leverage this feature as long as you adhere to the platform's guidelines, allowing you to benefit your brand without any associated risks. On the flip side, if you don't follow the rules correctly, you run the risk of having your WhatsApp number blocked, potentially resulting in the loss of potential clients.

Using the standard WhatsApp Business App, you have the capability to send bulk messages to up to 256 recipients in a single batch. Hence, businesses are usually suggested to apply for WhatsApp Business API so that a platform like Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite can help them.

Let’s see Why WhatsApp Business APIs are important.

  1. Your WhatsApp API number gets a WhatsApp green tick verification mark that confirms your brand is a legitimate and known player in the market. 

What does this mean for the user - Any message sent from a verified WhatsApp account will be considered trustworthy.

  1. Send promotional messages to customers on new clearance sales, offers, discounts, and newly added products in a single go.

  1. Usually, WhatsApp API numbers don’t get banned as they are verified by WhatsApp.

  1. Single platform for various agents to work together.

  1. The best part is - You can deploy Automated Chatbots to send automated messages, collect responses and resolve queries.

With those being the benefits of WhatsApp Business API, let’s understand how can you access these:

  1. A phone number that will be used for all communications with WhatsApp and User
  2. A business name displayed to recipients 
  3. A verified Facebook Business Manager ID.

Now, you can simply reach out to WhatsApp Business Suite providers like Pragma who guide you through the application process and once the account is ready, you can automate your bulk messages right from Pragma’s dashboard.

Here are the straightforward steps to send Bulk messages via Pragma:

With brands taking the first step towards selling on WhatsApp, we believe Bulk messaging should be the number one tactic to start off with.

The most common steps are:

  1. Build a messaging template
  2. Submit template for approval
  3. Upload contacts of campaign receivers and select them
  4. Schedule the campaign

Let’s understand these in detail:

Build a messaging template

What do you wish to convey?

Is it a new product launch, a festive season sale or maybe a clearance sale?

A template is what your recipients will see as the first thing. You can add interactive features like media files, emojis, etc. 

For a D2C brand, what works best is attaching explainer videos for the product they running the campaign for. This increases the chances for your recipients to get an understanding of the real product, helping you get better conversions.

Submit template for approval

When you have decided what goes out to your audience, you have to submit the for approval to the WhatsApp authorities as a mandatory step.

This can be a long process sometimes and hence delay the timely announcement of offers or products to your users. But, do you know Pragma can help you launch instant campaigns?


With over 10,000 pre-approved templates, Pragma helps you get started with your campaign in minutes, instead of weeks

From offering the best ROAS to offering flexibility and customization options to meet your business needs, Pragma collects and analyses data from over 450+ brands helping your D2C brands target campaigns to the best audience with personalised offers.

Pragma Whatsapp marketing software

Pragma Whatsapp marketing software

Upload contacts of campaign receivers and select them

Now comes the task - who receives this campaign?

You can simply submit an Excel or CSV file that contains your customers' contact numbers, requiring a minimum of two columns: one for the phone number and another for the country code. 

You ask us why the country code. We say this is a compulsory requirement as mentioned by WhatsApp Business guidelines.

As a good practice, we’ve always talked about personalising the campaigns for your users, and the least you can do to play your part is to add their name in the message, like:

  1. Hi [Name], did you hear about our latest clearance sale?
  2. [Name], you are entitled to 60% discount website-wide! 

Additionally, with customisation being the core of what Pragma does, you have the option of personalised variables like showing a specific product range to only a specific group of users and tailoring your messages as desired.

Schedule the campaign

With this, you’re at the final step - Finalising a time for your campaign.

You’ve got your campaign approved, and you’ve finalised to whom this has to be sent, now what?

Just click that schedule button and time it for a more suitable hour basis for your audience.

If you’re unsure about what time works best for a brand like yours, the support team at Pragma will be happy to assist you.

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But for you, congratulations, you’ve learnt A-to-Z of successfully sending our WhatsApp Bulk Messaging campaigns through Pragma.

Let’s now understand some tips that can help you get better conversions.

Important Steps to Send a WhatsApp Message in Bulk

With the customer receiving promotional messages all day, let’s understand how can your brand excel in delivering the right content in the right format to the audience.

  1. Clarity and Simplicity: Keep your messages short and straightforward. Avoid using complex language that may confuse recipients.
  1. Personalisation: Use recipient-specific tags to add a personal touch to your messages, increasing engagement. Like: Hey [User Name], [User Name] Hope you’re doing well, etc.
  1. Clear Call-to-Action: Include what action you want the recipient to take, such as visiting a website, making a purchase, browsing through newly added products, etc.
  1. Visual Appeal: Incorporate emojis, images, or videos to make your messages visually appealing and attention-grabbing.
  1. A/B Testing: Experiment with different message templates to identify what resonates best with your audience. Use data collected from Pragma’s analytics to optimise your messages.
  1. Timing: Send messages at appropriate times to ensure they are read and not overlooked. This can be optimised by a feature known as Send Time Optimisation that sends messages at the time when the user generally opens the chat/platform. 
  1. Value-Oriented Content: Provide valuable information, promotions, or exclusive offers to make your messages relevant and beneficial to the recipient.
  1. Conversational Tone: Adopt a friendly, conversational tone to make your messages more relatable.
  1. Compliance: Follow WhatsApp's guidelines to avoid being flagged as spam. Don't send too many messages in a short period.
  1. Performance Analysis: Continuously monitor message performance and engagement metrics to refine your strategies.

Steps to Send Bulk Messages with the WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Bulk messaging is a game-changer for businesses aiming to reach a vast audience with promotional messages and offers. 

It enables companies to simultaneously send messages to multiple recipients, making it an efficient and cost-effective marketing solution. Software like Pragma ensures that messages are delivered promptly and allows users to manage contact lists and analyse campaign performance.

Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite

With over 10,000+ pre-approved templates, Pragma helps you get started with your campaign in minutes, instead of weeks. 

From offering the best ROAS to offering flexibility and customisation options to meet your business needs, Pragma collects and analyses data from over 450+ brands helping your D2C brands target campaigns to the best audience with personalised offers.

Pragma Whatsapp marketing software

Pragma Whatsapp marketing software

‍WhatsApp bulk messaging software is a powerful marketing tool, offering 1000s of features. But as we said, it's better to use something that has lesser features but is able to solve your use case, just like Pragma. 

‍With businesses in the D2C space losing due to COD orders, Pragma helped Emami reduce losses for its COD payment method, where COD accounted for 85% of all their purchases.

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Getting 11X ROAS with Pragma’s WhatsApp Business Suite


Some of the best features why WhatsApp bulk messaging software works best in an industry like D2C are:

  1. High Open Rates
  1. Personalised Communication
  1. Cost-Effective
  1. Real-Time Interaction
  1. Multimedia Capability 
  1. High Engagement through WhatsApp Groups
  1. Quick Feedback and Surveys
  1. Time-sensitive Offers and Promotions
  1. Global Reach
  1. Measurable Results 

Overall, WhatsApp bulk messaging software's combination of high open rates, personalised communication, and simple yet cost-effective strategies makes it a powerful and the best marketing tool for businesses looking to connect with their target audience and achieve remarkable marketing success.

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