Solving the Checkout problem

To solve all Checkout problems, the checkout process needs to be analysed like never before. Take a look ate how Pragma did it, to come up with 1Checkout!

Before thinking about Solving the Checkout problem, the checkout process needs to be analysed‍

Every single e-commerce brand has wrestled with Cart Abandonment : the phenomenon of consumers adding items to carts but not following through on the purchase. 

‍It is an issue faced by online businesses of all sizes - where they struggle to convert abandonments → checkouts.

76% of All online shopping carts are Abandoned

That’s over $4 trillion in potential Revenue left behind every year!

BUT.. 66% of all Abandoned Carts are Recoverable

It is evident with cart abandonment, that the potential customers you’re generating are not purchasing. Meaning, you have a problem! A huge one. 

‍Which is why we want you to understand the change ‘1Checkout’ can bring.

Most common checkout problems + their solutions

Before we dig deeper into potential checkout problems and solutions, let’s clarify the difference between Checkout Completion Rate and Cart Conversion Rate. 

Checkout completion rate - These are high intent customers with the motivation to complete the purchase, because they have reached the checkout stage.

potential checkout problems and solutions


Cart Conversion Rate - These include all the customers who have at least come to the stage of adding item(s) to cart. 

‍But they also include window shoppers, who may just be browsing because your ad was interesting, or they plan on buying it later. Aka, not an immediate revenue generator

potential checkout problems and solutions


Whereas the “Check Completion Rate” is directly proportional to the checkout flow and experience alone, unlike Cart Conversion Rate which includes various other factors too.

(funnel - Website Visit 100%, Product Page Visits 95% - Product(s) to cart 85% - Users who start Checkout journey 40-65% - Users completing Purchases less than 30%)

Meaning, on an average, approximately 28% of purchases are abandoned solely because of what your Checkout Process lacks.

So let's now move to the potential checkout problems and solutions that will focus on increasing conversions for your business.

Common checkout problems and their fixes

‍Lack of customer-friendly interfaces

‍Sure, all Shopify checkout pages have the same skeleton, but the themes and the arrangements of the fields sometimes are confusing and misleading to the consumers.  

Solution: Optimization needed for a better checkout experience 

  1. Mobile-first approach:

Mobile customer experiences are especially terrible in the majority of brands (you know who you are) 

>70% of all ecommerce purchases are mobile-first 
>75% of shoppers abandon sites if not mobile optimised; this applies to Checkout as well

Solution through 1Checkout -

The 1Checkout process is tuned for both web and mobile experience. Where users take less than 3 seconds to complete a purchase on both.

  1. Do Not Redirect:

Leaving a page to complete the payment stage induces security concerns in the minds of customers. Avoid it at all costs.

Solution through 1Checkout -

The 1Checkout approach is a module presented on the same page instead of redirecting. This gives a better experience while portraying better security.

  1. Fewer Clicks:
The fewer the better. 89% of shoppers prefer a checkout with less than 3 steps

If an online shopper has to click through a series of pages to make a purchase, the process is confusing. if they don’t know what information you’re asking for, or why you need it – they’re likely to give up halfway through and abandon the purchase/cart. 

5.08 steps is the average length of a checkout process, which is pretty long

Shorten Checkout Process - 

Keep it short. 

“Why say lot word when few word do trick”

- Kevin Malone

Optimise at an intricate level -

Test your checkout flow first hand, and perform user testing to make sure it is intuitive and easy to use. 

Solution through 1Checkout -

1Checkout provides a 1 Click process that takes less than 3 seconds

  1. Remove Distractions:

Keep users focused on completing the checkout process.

Meaning, no unnecessary visual overload. Clean Design that focuses on just the bare necessities. 

Solution through 1Checkout - 

The 1Checkout process focuses on the bare necessities, because the consumers have already made the decision to purchase, now it’s time for a swift end.

<insert example image>

Entering personal info over and over again!

50% of checkout cancellations are due to a lengthy, time consuming, multi-step process

Even merchants agree this to be a painful experience for shoppers. Entering the same information again and again is one of the most common checkout issues across all their personal devices and is truly a hassle.‍

This includes Address, Pincodes, Payment details and Account creation & verification. 

Solution: ‍Optimization needed for a better checkout experience 

Include Auto-Complete: 

Save essential customer data to reduce the number of steps for future purchases. But, this method is easier said than done. The tech, the data repository and the maintenance for a D2C business to come up with internally would not be the best use of their capital.

Solution through 1Checkout -
1Checkout is made possible with the help of autofill personalisation. A one-time login into Pragma’s 1Checkout, and one-click checkout for every future checkout.

First time customer or not, people hate entering details repeatedly. Giving them an option to complete a purchase without sharing personal information would be the answer.

35% abandon carts because checkout requires too much personal information
34% abandon carts because a purchase requires a registration

With 1Checkout, D2C brands have the data from other portfolio brands consumers have already registered on and hence the consumers can choose the guest checkout option for new brands and still checkout in under 3 seconds.

Meaning, if you’re registered on 1Checkout, you don’t have to share your personal details with brands any longer.

Poor payment experience

59% of buyers will abandon a transaction if their preferred payment method isn’t available
40% of consumers say they have more confidence in an online shop that has more than two payment methods

What would be the point of giving the best Checkout experience, all to lose it at the payment stage?

Which is why you need to provide the right purchase options/payment modes.

Solution: Optimization needed for a better checkout -

  1. Cater to the growing BNPL demand: Buy Now Pay Later payment method gives convenience, higher-order values & more transacting customers, and hence stands to provide the highest conversion rate of any payment method.

    Solutions through 1Checkout -

Providing the highly preferred payment modes doesn’t mean 1Checkout excludes the rest! 

Along with BNPL, we also provide:

  • Credit & Debit Cards 
  • EMI
  • Net banking
  • Wallets
  1. Establish your presence on UPI: By offering the best UPI ID experience to consumers via pre-built 1Checkout APIs - quick & effective methods carried out through QR code and deeplinks.

    Solutions through 1Checkout -
    1Checkout does all the above and also ensures higher success rates and conversions by avoiding incorrect UPI ID entry, browser switching, and drops due to cancellations by mistake.
  2. COD - Cash on Delivery, is still the most preferred transaction, so, don’t forget that.

    Solutions through 1Checkout -
    With 1Checkout, brands can choose to dynamically disable the COD option for users with RTO history across platforms and brands.

Other Challenges

  1. Account creation & Verification failures 

25% of checkout drops are due to OTP issues, incorrect CVV/CVC, and other verification errors.

Although an important step in the buying process from the eyes of the merchants, with all the multiple account creations for their day to day, shoppers are weary of this step in their otherwise happy process (shopping!)

Solution through 1Checkout -

Verification is a one time thing in 1Checkout.

There is no OTP or other verification required for prepaid orders.

  1. Analytics 

Insufficient data to optimise the checkout system effectively is a huge problem.

Solution through 1Checkout -

  • SQL-based reporting tool : easy-to-use reporting tool to generate detailed payment reports by merchant ID or by entity type/ID.
  • Statistics : order history, most used currencies/payment modes/device, trending locations, top OS, banks and more; along with real time stats on the number of shoppers who visited the checkout page with details on status, time, location, device type, IP address, etc.
  •  Risk Management : data insights to identify suspicious activity by showing  any incidence of declined codes for payment or fraud in the various payment methods offered.

Learn about your customers -

  • Gain in-depth customer insights
  • Find out popular payment methods & origins
  • Stay up-to-date on trends
  • Compare analysis (holidays, demographic etc)

From the point of intelligence in terms of user activity - 

  • Analyse sales, products and customers through various platforms as one-click checkout can be integrated to your social media, ads etc.
  • View data related to preferred transactions and payments - categorise products bought through one-click checkout, choice of payment method and more.
  • Predict growth through compiled data during different time periods and across different locations.
  • Optimise based on shopper behaviour and loyalty

Learn about your Ecommerce business -

  • Explore more in the online payment arena
  • Determine conversion flows and evolve
  • Review and refine authorisations/settlements/refunds 

Monitor your expenses accurately

1Checkout in a nutshell

1Checkout packages the best features for the best customer experience into a single offering that solves the problem significantly, solving the problem once and for all - far better than optimising the existing “traditional” checkout system. 

potential checkout problems and solutions

Traditional Checkouts vs The 1Checkout

  • Reduces Friction:

Helping your customers complete the checkout process quickly and easily - helps sanitise errors in real time streamlining the entire process.

  • Offer Seamless Payment Processing:

Has every payment in its fingertips, all reachable in seconds.

  • Increase Buyer Interest & Loyalty:

Through Security
- Handles SCA (Strong customer authentication) requirements quicker and also adaptively apply authentication if/when required by the cardholder’s bank or when fraud is detected. 

1Checkout also supports PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard validation with a pre-filled SAQ A assessment upon suspicion of fraud, triggers CAPTCHA for card testing attacks, and couple more precautionary parameters to avoid fraud.

Through Personalised Options - Provides a tailored experience for customers by shaping their checkouts to their essentials. Meaning, you can segment users based on:

  • Whether they are a Repeat Shopper
  • Whether they are a Subscriber/VIP Member
  • The type of Device they use (ease of payment mode varies between PC & mobile)
  • The Channel of approach (via social media, ad promotions, website etc)
  • The Location of the individual (analyse the major mode of payment used in the area)

In essence, the 1Checkout stands apart from every other Checkout system out there -

potential checkout problems and solutions

Installation of 1Checkout -

This is something many sellers question, and oftentimes it is also something that stops them from moving forward with the site integration process.

But it is not as complicated as one might think -


Your first question should be if the 1Checkout can be integrated with the platform hosting your ecommerce site.

We’re referring to the services like -

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Wix etc.


There are various checkout processes out there, but currently 1Checkout offers the most features - but it is always up to you to decide one that satisfies your clique.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors to base your checkout process on -

  • Checkout Time
  • Total Clicks to Complete an Order
  • Number of Payout Options
  • Fraud Protection.


The last and final step to the integration is to check your documentation, authenticate and apply - in most cases of “Checkout System” installations, it works as simple as adding the application and setting it up.

In other cases, to onboard with a new payment processor, you’d require to sign into an account and to copy-paste some code onto your platform. This is in case White-glove implementation is not readily available.

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What does a smooth checkout process bring to the table?

potential checkout problems and solutions
potential checkout problems and solutions

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