Behind The Scenes of our 1Checkout

A brand new checkout process was designed to effectively counter touchpoints that lead to drop-offs and thereby increase conversion rate.

The brand new Checkout process was designed to effectively counter touchpoints that lead to drop-offs and through it increase conversion rate exponentially.

Simplifying the customer journey

Over 65% prefer 1Checkout because they value the convenience of not having to go through a traditional cart checkout process.

But…How does it work?

Your customers will be all set to check out seamlessly with two simple steps…

1st Checkout
  • Input the various checkout information once using ‘1Checkout’

    Which would include details such as personal info, payment choices, delivery information etc

Future Checkouts
  • Then visit any website integrated with 1Checkout installed, and make your purchase without re-entering any data, manually signing up, or logging in

Voilà! It’s that simple.

And simpler doesn’t mean less secure.

On the contrary, 1Checkout makes shopping simple and safe.

It's Safe - Because your data belongs to you and only you, as 1Checkout, doesn’t share user information

It's Quicker - Because Sign up is a breeze, and users can get to shopping immediately

It's Easy - Because after signing up, purchases from your favourite websites equipped with 1Checkout becomes a 1Click Checkout

These are just the basic yet important features that makes 1Checkout attractive.

But there’s more. A lot more.

Consumer POV -

  • An account will be created for anyone completing a transaction using Pragma’s 1Checkout for the first time, that reflects their order history with all Pragma brands
  • Users will also be able to access a minimal dashboard that displays their individual data.

    To access their past order info, monitor order status, view their credit score & more across all Pragma brands.

Now let’s take a look at…

The 1Checkout Journey

  1. Product Page

The first step in the 1Checkout journey is the product page or the redirect to the product page from an ad, sponsored publisher article, email, social media, and more.

Where the customer adds specifications like size, colour, number of items and others before adding to cart and proceeding to the payment page.

Where they have the Prepaid options along with COD.

  1. Data Auto-population 

So you can reduce the time taken for a purchase to mere seconds.

For repeat customers of Pragma’s 1Checkout, all the necessary user information will be auto-filled/suggested based on their past purchases

Auto-population includes filling information such as address, picodes, choice payment mode etc., which is gained through gathering info from past purchases.

(Note: The purchases needn't be from your brand, it could be one among the 200+ brands under Pragma’s wing enabled with 1Checkout)

  1. OTP/Order Verification

For Prepaid orders -

There’s no OTP Verification during checkout by default

For COD orders - 

COD order verifications are carried out at the end of order placement. This is to avoid any potential RTOs due to reasons like impulsive purchases. 

  • A repeat customer placing a COD order does not require OTP verification.
    This applies for purchases made within an allotted period, say, 3 months.
  • In case of high RTO history - OTP verification is compulsory if given the option.

    Meaning, brands are also given an option to remove the COD mode of payment for users showing high risk.

    (for RTO history, the data is pooled from all our brands to gauge frequency of returns across brands, products & platforms)

  1. UPI Payments and more

Quick Pay modes can be reached by various approaches based on device, platform etc., in order to reach payment modes like UPI, Simpl, PayTM etc.

Quick Pay via Web (PC) -

  • Display a QR against payment

    Consumers can simply scan the code via mobile and make the payment.
  • Sending URL to phone

    Here the users receive a Deep Link on the registered device, on which they are redirected to the installed UPI application.
  • Auto-populating UPI ID using Phone numbers

    Based on previous purchases across Brands & platforms, (under the Pragma umbrella of brands) the information of the most frequently used ID is auto-filled.

    Or the default choice selected by the user is filled in.

Other Payment Options

  • Bank cards (Credit card, Debit card)
  • BNPL (Simpl, Lazypay, Zest, Sezzle)
  • Net banking
  • Wallets
  • Other cards (Sodexo)

Quick Pay Mobile:

  • Shows a list of UPI apps for the consumer Deeplinked & Sorted based on past usage
  • Other payment options are similar to that mentioned for PC

Note: There will be no redirection or exit points to a different page except in the case of Net banking and Band Card payments

Personalisation & 1Checkout

Cross sell and Up sell through Personalisation

  • Show products that can be purchased along with the products in cart
  • Show offers applicable for exiting cart
  • Show add-ons that should be made to avail an offer/coupon
  • Show the perks for premium users (PRO/GOLD) even if the consumer is not a member.

Merchants can also create dynamic user segments and apply offers against each

  • High value customer
  • Repeat Customer
  • Dormant etc.

These personalisation criteria help reach new heights in profits, through simple analysation and optimisation. 

Customization coupled with 1Checkout

  1. Capture individual, consumer-level data 

No matter the source, now you can onboard data from multiple channels and build one cohesive dataset - from which you power customer experiences. 

Easily collect, store, categorise, and synchronise data from your CRM, DMP, APIs, and more.

  1. Create complex segmentation & targeting criteria

Here you can identify and target high-value customers by creating audience segments.

This is done based on history, frequency, digital interaction, context, third party data, and other phases in the customer’s journey.

  1. Personalise even for anonymous users

97% of people on a brand’s site are anonymous, and the 1Checkout can be tuned even for Guest Checkout. 

As it allows you to identify preferences in real-time and maximise opportunities for conversion and 1:1 engagement.

  1. Collect & Sync audience segments between sites/apps

Analyse key metrics for your audience segments and gain valuable insights by applying filters/conditions for your audience/segment – all in real time.

And share the collected data on your different audience segments between different sources.

This helps target those people with personalised messages throughout their journey,  regardless of the platform - be it web, mobile web or mobile apps.

  1. Uncover deeper segmentation opportunities automatically

Predictive Targeting engine which continuously identifies opportunities, in turn helping you expand your experimentation and personalization 

Because serving the most relevant content is key to customer centricity.

We Personalise journeys, not just individual touchpoints

The data gathered helps build consistent experience in an omnichannel ecosystem, optimised for each user’s phase in the customer journey.

  1. Event-based triggered messages on Social Media apps, WhatsApp & Email

Build a strong automatically triggered personalised push notification to reach customers - identifying the stage in which the trigger should happen is how you as a brand can reduce drop-offs and cart abandonment.

This is to identify the mode in which the user entered into the purchase journey.

If the user added a product to cart from WhatsApp, and abandoned cart before completing the purchase, then a recovery/reminder notification is sent to the customer on WhatsApp.

This way you know the platform preferred by the consumer.

  1. Convert more visitors to buyers

A checkout experience with least friction in the buy flow creates 50-70% more conversions than traditional cart users.

  1. Don’t sacrifice your AOV

Protect your Average Order Value and margins while driving up orders.

  1. Convert readers into buyers

Acquiring more customers is easier as we forecast 80%+ new customer rates.

And see at least a 30% increase in publisher & editorial conversions when 1Checkout is enabled

  1. Launch in days

Install and get going with pre-built integrations for various Ecommerce platforms.

To Wrap it UP - 

The 1Checkout experience is the quick, simple, and safe solution to satisfy customers.

It also aids in personalising customer journeys, gaining data to improve marketing strategy, reduce drop-off/cart abandonment and more.

Meaning, 1Checkout is a win-win solution for merchants as well as consumers.

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