Epitome of Ecommerce Checkout Experience

The significance of a good Checkout Process to Ecommerce is more influential than Elon Musk is to Twitter.‍ With over 80% of shoppers going for a 1-Click checkout.

The 1Checkout

The significance of a good Checkout Process to Ecommerce is more influential than Elon Musk is to Twitter.

28% of Online Shoppers abandon their carts because the checkout process is too long or complicated.
89% of shoppers prefer a checkout with fewer than 5 steps.

But what is ‘1 Checkout’ and how is it a huge leap for Ecommerce?

Well, here we go…

In a consumer POV, whether buyers spot a product through an ad, sponsored article, email, or other methods, the end result is almost always the same…

Where they navigate to the seller’s website, add the product to their cart, initiate the checkout process.

And in this process, more than 70% of them just stop and abandon the Journey. Why? Because the longer the experience, the more reasons they have to doubt a purchase - Users abandon their carts for many reasons, but the prevailing one is a cumbersome checkout process

People don’t want to create accounts…

Spend time filling out personal info…

Add their personal payment choices every time..

And finally their delivery information…

All of which take a lot of time, so they leave the product behind.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There’s a solution that transforms the buyer experience. It’s called a 1Checkout

Be anywhere & everywhere consumers visit.

Let your customers instantly purchase your products in a few clicks — from publisher articles, emails, social media ads, and even connected TV.

↓ Let us elaborate a bit on that ↓

1Checkout with QR Codes

Use QR codes for in-person events to create shoppable moments anywhere with 1Checkout

Turn every event into a shoppable experience

Every experience becomes shoppable, as long as you can place a QR code on it - potential customers can scan it to instantly purchase a featured product. 

Any even twitch banners, stadiums, pop-up shops, or even just a poster.

As long as you can dream up where to put a QR code, 1Checkout will make it shoppable.

1Checkout with Socials

Turn social posts into instantly shoppable experiences with 1Checkout.

Turn your social media news feed into a shoppable experience.

Including a 1Checkout link to your social media posts, transforms them immediately to a shoppable experience. 

Where your social media followers can purchase directly from your brand’s WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook accounts without ever having to leave the platform they’re on. 

Your social media experience will never be the same again with this face lift.

1Checkout with Display ads

Display ads are practically everywhere these days.

With 1Checkout you can turn each 1 of them into shoppable experiences.

Redirect your display ads to the 1Checkout Product Display Page, where 1Checkout users can complete the purchase. 

No hassle of redirecting customers anywhere else when they just want to make a purchase.

As a display ad of a presented product would be something they’ve already expressed interest in purchasing (through cookies and other data), so, completing the sale is now only a click away.

1Checkout with Articles

The content that your brand produces comes in various forms, from articles to listicles - but why not add a shoppable experience to them with 1Checkout?

By simply embedding 1Checkout into any article, listicle, or online gift guide - then your customers will be able to purchase any item instantly. 

This makes any piece of sponsored content shoppable, while eliminating cart abandonment.

1Checkout with Email

You put-in a lot of effort into Marketing emails, a simple enough payoff could be through direct & instant purchases from that email.

Embedding a 1Checkout button into your Marketing emails achieves that - where consumers need only click once and they can purchase the product they see.

Your Marketing email conversion rates would skyrocket.

Basically, 1Checkout helps Merchants boost their shopping conversions and flattens the consumer shopping funnel by simply embedding 1Checkout integrations into the various channels specified above.

And customers can purchase securely from all these platforms with a couple clicks instead of adding items to cart, etcetera etcetera.

Conclusion - 

1Checkout solution enables a “Buy Now” feature from anywhere.

And 1 Click is all it takes. 

If you’re seeking a seamless checkout experience

A payment button that customers would trust

The magical 1click shopping experience…

We got you covered with the 1Checkout

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