Omnichannel Mode - The Communication System for D2C Brands

Brands with Omnichannel Engagement retain 89% of their customers.‍ And with PRAGMA’S OMNICHANNEL INBOX, you get to cover communication via all channels - be it WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook , SMS, Email or VoIP.

D2C's Omnichannel Dashboard

Brands with Omnichannel Engagement retain 89% of their customers.

And with PRAGMA’S OMNICHANNEL CRM, you get to cover communication via all channels - be it WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook , SMS, Email or VoIP.

What does an Omnichannel System achieve?
  • Promotes Direct Conversations with the end consumer
  • Brands get to easily compile & comprehend pain points
  • Provide personalised offerings and 
  • Ultimately simplify collective shopping experiences.

All while staying out of Websites, or having to download or register somewhere. 

Thanks to Instant Messaging Applications that integrate it all.

Making WhatsApp the main talking point in PRAGMA’S OMNIBOX.

(Considering WhatsApp opened themselves to eCommerce recently, and with the application having over 2 BILLION users, we can’t blame them for being the New Target for eCommerce Brands)

What are the Use Cases Delivered?

Conversational Ordering/Commerce

Conversational commerce, basically the convergence of messaging apps & shopping; one aspect that makes WA the Highest ROAS application.

Helping you :

  •  Include a WhatsApp direct message link in all promotional messages
  •  Store communication history in your Service Cloud
  •  Collect valuable customer data

Personalised Selling & Customer Support 

In which AI enabled chat bots provide a smooth experience to customers - reducing human efforts, automating significant aspects of the customer journey & essentials.

Such as 

  • Order placement
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Resolving queries
  • Mobile payment etc. 

Let us elaborate on the features -

1. Quick Replies (Quicker than Quick)

To save and reuse messages you frequently send in response to FAQs - in no time. All one needs to do is simply press “/” on the keypad, select a quick reply, and send it !

2. Auto Greetings (because fingers tend to hurt after a couple hundred)

To create ‘greeting messages’ that users will receive when they start a dialog with your brand, or after a certain period of inactivity (customizable based on need). 

Same can be applied for after hours messages where you can write a custom message or share your working hours.

You can even use WhatsApp for Drip Campaigns!

Requirement and Objective → Design Conversational Flow Structure → Develop Flow Structure → Send to WhatsApp for Approval → Deploy and Measure Results
3. Designating Contacts

To organise your contacts and label them for easy access. This grouping comes handy for targeted promotions.

4. Message Statistics

To access vital metrics like messages sent, delivered, and read.

5. Catalogues and Collections (THIS. THIS IS LOVELY!)

This feature allows you to showcase your goods in an easy to browse manner. 

Here, all items and corresponding price, and descriptions are conveniently grouped on your WhatsApp page - meaning,  you DO NOT HAVE TO REDIRECT your customers elsewhere.

WhatsApp also provides Collections to make it even easier - allowing you to group items inside a business account. So, users can navigate to a specific category right away without scrolling through your entire product list.

NOTE: You can add categories such as “Final day”, “Ending Season Sale” etc.,

6. Interactive Messages/Promotions

Here ENTERS appealing buttons. For customers to click away.

These buttons can be of 2 types:

  • CTA: to redirect them to a different section, webpage or even make a call
  • Quick reply: to answer with the predefined options. No more typing. No more “Manual Labour”


These Interactive buttons are truly great to provide a smooth customer journey and CX in general. 


It makes it much more understandable for consumers, guiding them quicker & easier.

  • Removing all confusing elements
  • Making it visually appealing
  • Reducing effort taken
  • Guiding with ease (within the platform and to other sites too)


Inevitably leading to a better CX → Higher engagement rates.

7. List Messages and Reply Buttons

The mouth watering “List” feature allows you to add up to 10 options, so your users can click on the desired option instead of manually typing requests. 

Whereas the Reply buttons offer customers up to three options to choose from.

Example -


List Messages:

– Customer care or FAQ 

– Menu

– Nearby stores/locations

– Reservation times

– Choosing a recent order to repeat

Reply Buttons:

– Updating personal details

– Reordering an item

– Requesting a return

– Choosing payment option

8. Facebook Shops Integration

To integrate seamlessly across the Facebook family of apps. 

9. WhatsApp Payments
“Making payments simple" 

Being able to carry out the entire process of a purchase including ‘Payment’ is quite huge. And to do it on Instant Messaging Application such as WhatsApp is HUGE.

10. Automation through BOTS

What they bring to the table :

Multilingual conversations - A single bot can be customised with more than 100 languages, which makes globalisation of your business cost-effective

Helps you Upsell & Cross-Sell - Suggest similar/Relevant products at the right time to customers

Powerful NLP - Understanding customer needs better

Enhancing customer engagement through non-transactional messages

Real-time notifications for customers:

  • Cart abandonment alerts
  • Product recommendations based on previous purchases 
  • Helpful and informative alerts
  • Relevant discount/offer/sale

Simple and Contextual - Provide quick support through Smart Plugs in an intuitive interface

Direct to WhatsApp - Deflect up to 75% of queries to WhatsApp chatbot, save up to 30% in operational costs

Handling Scale - Follow up with intent based conversations through our AI powered Bots

Seamless handoff - Pragma’s bot seamlessly switches to a live agent in case of emergencies or to address complex queries. And you can also add or designate multiple agents to handle an issue based on need.

Reason to Choose Pragma’s OMNICHANNEL CRM -

Every feature that has been explained above is applied for the other communication channels on OMNICHANNEL CRM as well - for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email and SMS.

But anyway, here are a few more benefits..

Addressing Immediacy -

  • Official WhatsApp Business Account in 3 days (lesser for other channels)
  • Reduce resources spent by 65% to 80%
  • Scale with AI enabled BOTS

Pragma’s Integration Ecosystem - Connect with your entire tech stack/existing tools like Shopify, Zendesk, Freshchat, & others into our OMNICHANNEL CRM

Have everything under ONE SINGLE ROOF. 

And handle it all with utmost ease.

OUR 2021 STATS -





WA PROMOTIONS -  1,74,62,280

WA CTR - 6.06%


PS. Pragma’s OMNICHANNEL CRM is for you, especially if you’re a D2C Brand !!

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