Everything a Brand needs for the Holiday’s - A Pragmatic Overview

Holiday essentials - A to Z, for D2C Brands. Because we known what D2C brands aka 'Our clients' need!

We have sent out a series of Newsletters and published countless blogs around...

Brands X Holidays

But we just thought it’s about time we list out a couple that we think to be very, very, very important.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Understanding everything about your Conversion Funnel

The very first thing on the list is your Conversion Funnel - 

- To understand where the leads originate

- To know what you’re doing right and vice-versa

- To learn where optimisation costs are least/most etc

2. Enabling Consumer Predictability/Forecasting into your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Brands need to understand their customers, their behaviour, and most of all - the accuracy in predicting the actions of both customer and potential customers.

Doing that, a brand can 10X lead generation and retention.

3. Perfecting your Product Marketing for Holiday Sales

Evoking a feeling of excitement about a product..

Giving customers a reason to buy a product..

All achievable through outstanding PRODUCT MARKETING.

4. Optimising for ZERO drop-offs, to limit revenue loss during Holiday Season

Brands focus the majority of their energy & resources in Customer Acquisition..


  • Retaining existing customers is 5X cheaper than acquiring new ones
  • A 5% increase in customer retention could result in 25-50% more profits
  • Your existing buyers spend 67% more than the new ones

Time to focus on retention too!

5. Automating your Marketing Strategy

A lead generation strategy that’s automated can bring about a 133% increase in revenue as compared to brands without one.

With Automation of..

  • Marketing Across Channels
  • Holiday Campaigns
  • Lead Scoring & Personalisation
  • Contact Management & Nurturing
  • Analytics & Reporting

6. Integrating use-case specific Chatbots to reduce lead leaks

Use-case specific CHATBOTS is the way to go if you want to reduce expense, expand sales teams' bandwidth, and provide support 24/7.

So, welcome to the virtual selling era of remote interactions, with the help of Chatbots.

7. React to the Increase in Abandoned Carts during Holidays

Abandoned carts are for those not prepared - Take action at every stage of customer interaction to avoid revenue loss this Holiday Season.


The average shopping cart abandonment rate - 68%

Which only doubles during the Holiday Season.


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