Retention Analysis: For zero drop-offs during this Holiday Season

Brands focus the majority of their energy & resources in Customer Acquisition. ‍But forget Retention which is more crucial in comparison. Figure the drop-off reason that you face. Answer them with the right Solutions, at the right time

Ensure ZERO drop-offs this Holiday Season

Identifying customer drop-off points

Brands focus the majority of their energy & resources in Customer Acquisition. Because growth, right?

But Acquisition sometimes overshadows Retention!

And that’s a No-No. Because…

  • Retaining existing customers is 5X cheaper than acquiring new ones.
  • A 5% increase in customer retention could result in 25-50% more profits.
  • Your existing buyers spend 67% more than the new ones.

Let this stand as a quick reminder to not take your pedal off Retention.

We analyzed individual stages of Customer Journey, and came across the key drop-off moments that contribute to a hit in brands' retention brands like a Wrecking Ball.

1. In Pre-Purchase

Drop-off reason 1 - Wrong Channel of communication

Here, we have the channels in which users come in touch with the brand. Which is not targeted right.

Gen X - 76% on Facebook, Millennials - 75% on Instagram, Gen Z - 87% on WhatsApp

And only 12% of brands target all of the above mentioned platforms.


  • An Omnichannel Customer Service that covers all forms of digital marketing

Drop-off reason 2 - A lack in Information shared

Say you’ve opened yourself to customers on all channels on the Omnibox, the next issue customers face is lack of information.


Develop a Product Information Strategy, where you

  • Map down the strategy with respect to the target audience & channel.
  • And the most important…
    Add UGC (User generated content) - Reviews, in various forms (photos, videos), for every product/service.
    79% of online consumers trust reviews like they trust personal recommendations.

2. During Purchase

Drop-off reason 3 - Poor User Interface


  1. Site Speed: The more responsive the better because less than a third wait more than 4 seconds for anything to load. Harsh, but true.
  2. Store Design: If it looks good, 93% are convinced the brand knows what they’re doing, and are interested to try. So, create a chef’s kiss design.

Drop-off reason 4 - Inadequate Customer Benefits


  1. Shipping: 73% feel free shipping is a requirement. And 24% think same day delivery is a huge factor. Conclusion - Shipping options matter.
  2. Offers: 57% of people who made a purchase wouldn’t have gone through it if not for a discount.

Drop-off reason 5 - Bad Checkout Process


  1. Fewer Clicks: The fewer the better.89% of shoppers prefer a checkout with less than 5 steps.
  2. Include Guest Checkout: First time customers hate registering. Giving them an option to complete a purchase without sharing personal information.
  3. Remove Distractions: Keep users focused on completing the checkout process. No unnecessary visual overload & Clean Design that focuses on just the bare necessities.
  4. Include Auto-Complete: Save essential customer data to reduce the number of steps for future purchases.
  5. Do Not Redirect: Leaving a page to complete the payment stage induces security concerns in the minds of customers. Avoid it at all costs.

Drop-off reason 6 - Lack of Add-ons to seal the deal


  1. Security: Over 80% of consumers feel safer seeing trustworthy card logos/payment modes prominently displayed.
  2. Plenty of Payment Options: Convenience of payment is key for customers.

Drop-off reason 7 - A journey that’s not personalized

  • Whether they are a Repeat Shopper/Subscriber/VIP Member
  • The type of Device they use (example: ease of payment mode varies between PC & mobile)
  • Choice delivery options (mode of delivery, speed etc.)
  • The choice channel of approach (via social media, ad promotions, website etc.)
  • Choice of payment (BNPL, UPI etc.) with the Location of the individual (analyze the major mode of payment used in the area)

3. After a Purchase

Drop-off reason 8 - Poor Customer Support & communication


  1. 59% Prefer post-purchase customer support through instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or Social Media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. So, target right.
  2. Keep customers in the loop regarding order status in real-time
  3. Provide status of order
  4. Notifications reminding delivery (on the day or before based on analysis)
  5. Ask for delivery confirmation once delivered. Follow protocols to avoid NDRs.

4. Post Delivery

Drop-off reason 9 - Unsatisfying return process


Integrating a system for seamless Returns.

  • Categorize requests into returns/refunds/exchanges.
    For example: Equal exchange, Full refund.
  • Warehouse data on specific products (SKUs) to update stocks in real-time. Avoiding miscommunication between retailer and customer.
  • Closest distribution house for a time effective delivery.
  • Real time monitoring of order status and progress for fulfilment.

Drop-off reason 10 - Ending the experience without asking Feedback


NPS - ask for feedback after a day or two automatically. This increases customer satisfaction as the brand is keen on customer feedback & needs.

To Wrap it UP!

Ensure maximum and optimal utilization of e-commerce services. By making decisions using Logistic intelligence.

Figure the drop-off reason that you face. Answer them with the right Solutions at the right time

Be Pragmatic. Be Pragma.

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