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June 8, 2022

Are you looking to get your Facebook Business Verified, but stuck because the ‘Start Verification’ button is not enabled?

Start Verification button disabled on Facebook Business Manager

This is really common with most new Facebook Business accounts that are not using apps that require Facebook Business Verification.

How to enable the ‘Start Verification’ button on Facebook Business Manager?

Here’s a step by step guide –

Step 1: Go to Facebook Developers page (

Step 2: Click on ‘Get Started’ or ‘My Apps’ on the top-right corner

Step 3: Click on ‘Create an app’

Step 4: Choose any of the options from the next pop-up and click ‘Continue‘

Step 5: Add your app name, email address, purpose. Choose your Facebook Business account from the dropdown (this is important). Click on ‘Create App‘

Step 6: You’re done. You can come back to the Facebook Business Manager –> Security Center and the ‘Start Verification’ button shall be enabled

You can now complete your Facebook Business Verification.


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