Logisy is now Pragma.

Times have changed at Logisy, and we have decided to turn to the 2nd chapter in our journey, to build an entirely loss-free business for eCommerce brands.

It’s 2022. Times have changed, and us along with it. 

We have decided to turn to the 2nd chapter in our journey, to build an entirely loss-free business model for Ecommerce brands.


Because, we began as a provider to ease the merchant side experience; with 2 services…

But today, our Ecommerce model offers a series of services that have grown way beyond those initial days.

In a few words, we could say, ‘Logisy’, felt like an Archipelago.

Archipelago is a group of islands - all part of the same whole, but still separate and alone. And always drifting slowly apart.

We wanted to be a collective again. Which is why we wanted to Be Pragma.

Pragma’s Mission

Help D2C brands manage the entirety of an E-commerce business at your fingertips.”

You as a brand generate new ideas, push boundaries, drive culture. As creators, your personality is your brand. Even more so as Entrepreneurs & Startups.

And you use the digital stage to turn that passion into a living. 

But Creators & Brands are too dependent on too few a platforms and in some cases, too many. This creates data silos, nowhere to be actioned upon. 

Which is why we at Pragma are changing/enhancing roles of platforms/services to work for individual Brands.

Shifting ‘Power’ into your hands!

We are on course to designing a world where you (brands) own the relationships with your audience. Building a world where platforms/tools/services/solutions come together to empower brands for decades to come.

Focused on simplifying and automating your end-to-end customer journey.

A D2C Operating System built for a loss-free Ecommerce ecosystem.

With our latest launch, 1Checkout by Pragma, we simplify your customer purchase journey.

  • One click purchases from anywhere.
  • All latest payment modes - BNPL, UPI, Cards, Netbanking, Wallets
  • With 0% payment gateway charges.

Making it the best-in-class checkout system

Coupled with our other services, you have an Operation System to manage all your activities from one single place. 

Embrace what is still virginal - The New era of ecommerce.

Powered by Pragma D2C Operating System

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