Case Study on SNITCH

Analysing the various stages of SNITCH's customer journey to optimise services, tuning them to limit losses.

How the Pragma D2C Operating System Reduced Losses

Saving over ₹9,50,00,000 FY21

Meet the Client

Snitch, India's top Men’s clothing brand - Encapsulating inspirations from around the globe. Crafting for the fashion-forward modern man. Offering an unconventional style ethos as a men's fast fashion brand. 

Challenge: Losses in Customer Journey

Inefficiencies and incapacities in various stages of the consumer’s purchase experience led to losses - such as increased RTO rates, fulfilment potential affected in NDR management and Returns Management.

Solution: Implementing solutions for every stage of Customer Journey

The Pragma D2C Operating System was installed to target the key stages to analyse and optimise intricate aspects.

Stage 1 - RTOs eradicated

  • The consumer info is verified for errors in real-time. Such as pincode mistakes or invalid phone numbers.
  • 300+ parameters placed to detect fraudulent purchases, bots, scammers, impulsive buyers etc.
  • Data across platforms and 250+ brands offers info on high RTO risk users to be flagged
  • Dynamically disable the COD option for high RTO risk users. Based on prior user data across brands and platforms.


Stage 2 - NDRs effectively managed

  • The delivery partner and the customer are kept in contact in real-time to avoid NDRs
  • SLA breaches are reported in Logistic analysis


Stage 3 - RMS (Returns Management System) Fully Automated 

  • Returns are intelligently segmented under returns/exchanges/refunds and in turn triggers respective actions automatically
  • Handover to live agent in case of complex issues is made seamless 
  • Cashless COD refunds activated for improved customer satisfaction


Stage 4 - Post-purchase

  • COD orders verified post purchase to avoid impulsive buys
  • Automated abandoned cart recovery enabled to reduce losses
  • COD to prepaid conversion tactics are carried out to limit losses in case of returns
  • With the help of geoanalysis, the closest fulfilment centre is assigned to the delivery partner in order to achieve on-time delivery.

Result: Saved over ₹9,50,00,000 FY21

  • Customer data & analytics - user data from previous purchase and other portfolio brands to flag high RTO risk users
  • Compile internal & external info - measure errors from the side of 3PLs that lead to RTOs. such as SLA breaches.
  • RTOs reduced by 27.45%
  • 15,999 NDRs solved and fulfilled
  • Prepaid Orders increased by 4.27%
  • Automated 100% of RMS
“Losses add up in time, but with a couple integrations from Pragma we saw an evident reduction in various stages of our customer journey.”


Additional metrics moved

While Snitch used WhatsApp Broadcast messaging for promotional campaigns and updates

Open rate for these campaigns was at 73% and CTR at an average of 4%.

Rate of customers unsubscribing from these campaigns was at an average of 0.08% for the year 2021.

RTOs were significantly reduced where,

  • 4 out of 5 potential RTO from SLA breaches were prevented by NDR management system
  • Not more than 13% of total orders had an NDR (Non-Delivery report) + RTO status
  • All while RTOs were never greater than 15% for any month in 2021

The bottom line…

  1. Data oriented approach to avoid RTOS and other losses
  2. Automation max - RMS, Abandoned cart recovery, COD verification etc.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction
  4. Losses reduced by more than ₹9,50,00,000 FY21

Enabling a Loss-free Ecommerce Business

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