Case Study on Allo Innoware

Perusing into the intricate factors that aided in creating a 11X growth in Allo Innoware's ROAS

How the Pragma D2C Operating System Solved the Marketing Challenge

Creating a 11X Growth in ROAS

Meet the Client

India's Foremost Health First Kitchenware Brand providing Healthy Kitchenware across India. With over 20 years of experience, the brand provides products that are built with a purpose of keeping health first and aspires to touch lives globally using the lightning speed digital channels.

Challenge: Hypertargeting consumers

The funds put into marketing strategy and campaigns would only inevitably fall short if the approach taken doesn’t suit the audience witnessing them. Messages and notifications sent  need positive responses, and that is made possible only when individuals relate to them. This includes every form of communication - for marketing, real-time delivery updates, return management & other support.

Solution: Understanding Buyer Persona through Data

Focusing the gathered information across platforms and 250+ brands gave us plenty of data to start analysis -

1) Segmentation of Data -

  • What led to a purchase (was it the offers/discounts, was it the holiday period etc)
  • Pain points satisfied (why did they shift to your product)
  • Usage rate (how often do they purchase)
  • Order size (individual or company)
  • Split audience based on Age, Demographic, Location, Channel of communication, and more
Above info can be used for hypertarget marketing - sending personal offers and other content that they (consumers) are more likely to appreciate

2) Individual Customer Preferences -

  • The platform they prefer (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, Email, or VoIP)
  • The time period they are most active
  • The search information, what they are looking for
  • The preferred payment method for checkout

3) Positioning -

Deliberately creating a desired outlook that something any defined market cares a lot about. By positioning your content and strategy around the segmented data, around what your customers care about - for abandoned cart recovery, for omnichannel communication & marketing on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, Email, and VoIP.

4) Building and optimising content for different stages of the buyer’s journey -

Step 1 - Inserting messages at the right time and at the right turns in the funnel
Key 2 - Knowing which stages of the funnel reap more conversions. To what segment of your audience they apply

5) Optimising based on the sales team input -

They learn about your customers and what they face on a daily basis. We allow you to tap into their knowledge to find answers to buying barriers, customer pain points, and effectively correct aspects for greater customer satisfaction.

Result: 11X Growth in ROAS

Bringing together a group of services and mining data from every one, and using that info to optimise for personalisation.

  • Abandoned cart recovery rates improved, bringing a revenue of ₹373242
  • COD to prepaid conversions increased by 9.76%
  • A whopping open rate of 80.3% on WhatsApp Communication
“Consumer data was something we treasured, and to receive the right data to make hypertargeting possible is something we treasure. Which inevitably led to a 11x growth in our ROAS”

- Allo Innoware

The bottom line…

  1. Data oriented personalisation for Abandoned cart recovery and other messages. Understanding buyer persona - their buying behaviour, pattern and more
  2. Automate >65% of all communication & marketing activities. Creating brand personal flows and trigger events
  3. Increased customer satisfaction with 24/7/365 presence via tuned bots across preferred platforms
  4. Less marketing expenditure, more conversions, reduced losses


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