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Configurable at every step 🔎

Diverse options in Pickups, Refunds, Exchanges, Warehouse mapping, QC, Return reasons, multi-level approval process

Your brand has a complex workflow? Yeah, we'll automate it

Amazon-like return XP 🤝

Branded & secure return portal for your customers, while they are notified every step of the return or exchange process

Because your customers deserve the best!

Completely Automated 🤖

Say goodbye to sheets, vlookups, the constant back & forth on socials and mainly expensive-yet-subpar return systems

Happy team, Happy customers. CSAT ↗️

Integration-ready 🚀

Integrated with all major Store platforms, Payment, Warehousing systems and over 50+ logistics partners

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Proof for you, pudding ❤️

A must have for D2C returns!

I have witnessed Pragma’s returns management grow with us, in sophistication and automation by the day

It is an integral part of our return operation and to unlock peak enterprise productivity.
Big kudos to the team! 🚀

Founder, Snitch

We have tried various return systems in the market, Pragma absolutely nails it when it comes to handling returns and exchanges at scale!

They’ve got the winning formula 🎯

Pragma returns is a no-brainer for lifestyle brands

Founder, Neeman's

Complete automation is not a costly affair

More empowerment at a fraction of the cost! Start today!

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